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Social platforms that provide career connectivity

Now see why didn’t this website exist back in the early 2000s when I was wandering aimlessly trying to figure out how to break into the design world or work in higher education with technology? Because it’s not so easy to make contacts when you’re fresh out of college and everyone thinks you don’t know what you are talking about. Having a site you can connect on and share your ideas opens so many new doors of possibilities.

Collegefeed is a new social platform and the brainchild of Silicon Valley veteran, Sanjeev Agrawal. Collegefeed acts like a personal career assistant to help students / new grads find their dream jobs, and earlier this summer secured funding from investors including Accel Partners and Mark Stevens. The platforms takes a new turn from the traditional network, as it is designed solely for new grads and is a way for them to brand themselves professionally for the first time using their college experience. Collegefeed offers tools that go beyond simply viewing a connection’s contacts or a university page, but puts students in front of a company–Facebook, Google, Go Daddy, and many others–that are looking to fill entry level positions.  Additionally, Collegefeed includes a Netflix-like recommendation engine that suggests companies and positions (and now fellow students) based on a person’s degree, interests and other factors.

Click image to see a larger versionUse These Shortcuts To Land Your First JobUse These Shortcuts To Land Your First Job via Collegefeed

Horse drawn coach through a moonlit city #googledoodle

What is the playable Google Doodle about today?

The delicate music and the strolling scene of today’s Google Doodle has me a bit mesmerized.

The music does have an artist and a title and it the artist which has inspired Google today. Achille-Claude Debussy‘s “Clair De Lune” translated of course means “light of the moon” hence the fitting interactive doodle.


In other news, there is a red aura or halo around the sun, or at least there was this morning. I don’t think that bodes well. I’m not sure what it means thought. Anyone? Beuler?


Happy Earth Day #googledoodle

googledoodle_earthdayGoogle has an interactive Doodle on their main search engine page in honor of Earth Day. Be sure to check it out and watch while the sun rises and sets through an animated nature scene.

For some neat Earth Day Printables check out my post from earlier this month.

Curiosity.com from Discovery has a super cool video which is supposed to be Earth Day in the year 2020. It starts off with warning Manhattan of a tsunami. Wow, quite a prediction for something only 7 years out. It’s pretty realistic while you listen, I wonder what Manhattan would do in such a scenario. Interesting to think about.

Surprised by the Google Doodle this Easter?

cesar_chavezs_86th_birthday-1114005-hpYou’re not the only one wondering why Google is honoring Cesar Chaves this Easter Sunday instead of, well, Easter.

As it turns out they didn’t have an Easter doodle last year either. In fact, there hasn’t been an Easter Google Doodle since the year 2000. I guess I’m only noticing because of Cesar Chaves being on my search engine page this morning. If the page were just the normal Google logo I probably wouldn’t think anything of it. But I’m sure people will find way to be offended by this and that is just silly.

So anyway… who is Cesar Chaves?

Cesar Chavez Day is an official state holiday in the U.S. states of California, Colorado and Texas. As a senator, Barack Obama made a call in 2008 for a national holiday in Chavez’s honor, saying: “Chavez left a legacy as an educator, environmentalist, and a civil rights leader. And last year President Obama made it so by the power vested in him March 31st is now Cesar Chavez Day.

“Once social change begins, it cannot be reversed. You cannot un-educate the person who has learned to read. You cannot humiliate the person who feels pride. You cannot oppress the people who are not afraid anymore.” – Cesar Chavez