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Have you ever participated in CosPlay?

Ok, are you with me or are you wondering what Cosplay is all about? Truth be told, I originally heard the term while reading through a gaming forum. And then I got sucked into all the picture of people in their crazy fandom costume. People get all decked out in costumes of their favorite characters from games they like across console systems. I’m serious.

Say you’re super into Final Fantasy.. well then you’d be like this chick who posted herself as Shiva Nix from Final Fantasy 13 on Gamersbin.com. And what is further impressive is that these people usually make the costumes and handle the makeup and go all out completely on their own. I mean there is tons of time, money and research done on this stuff. This is not child’s play… no. it’s CosPlay. :)

I for one simply love Halloween, but for people into CosPlay they can prepare costumes multiple times each year and their costumes are no joke. They are hardcore costumes that take hours to put on and people will come up to them and have pictures take with them. I’ve done this with my own kids at the Philadelphia Comic Con. When you see something impressive, you want your picture taken with it, even someone you think you would point and laugh at..you don’t laugh, you actually say “Wow, that’s pretty awesome.”

Anonymous or not, what game are you so into that you would create a costume and get decked out if you could?

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This is All Hallows Eve aka Samhain

Yes, Halloween is my favorite holiday above all others and I am incredibly excited each year to take the children trick-or-treating. Getting sick with fever and aches this weekend was not part of the plan and so I am sure I’ll be completely tuckered out by the end of the night, but I am not going to let it stop be. I’m also not sure why it has to be 30 degrees out on Halloween, but again, we will be sure to dress in layers and enjoy the tricks and treats.

In the photo below you will see three goofballs, I am in the middle. Kermit is a scrink.com contributing writer, Adam Thomas and the “Painter with an Afro” is our friend Juan. We all work in what is affectionately known as the Townsend Dungeon. Really, we work in a converted lab, now office area, in the basement of Townsend Hall on the UD campus. We are half underground, half above ground so when we look out the window we are eye level with the grass and look straight into the brick wall of the stairs leading up into the first floor grand entrance of the building. We like the dungeon, it’s quiet unless we play loud music or are laughing about one of Adam’s animal playing an instrument youtube videos. These guys are great friends and I’m honored to be working with them every day.

Bad @ss group

Samhain is another name for this amazing time of year. Samhain, means “End of Summer”, and is the third and final Harvest. It is generally celebrated on October 31st, but some traditions prefer November 1st. It is one of the two “spirit-nights” each year, the other being Beltane. It is a magical interval when the mundane laws of time and space are temporarily suspended, and the Thin Veil between the worlds is lifted. Samhain is not, and never was, associated with evil or negativity. It has always been a time to reaffirm our belief in the oneness of all spirits, and in our firm resolution that physical death is not the final act of existence. Though death is very much a part of Samhain’s symbolism, this Sabbat also celebrates the triumph of life over death.

Some legend for you…

Halloween, All Hallows Eve, or Samhain (for those of Celtic descent, pagans or Wiccans), is associated with many customs, not just going door-to-door asking for candy.

The origin of Halloween dates back over 2,000 years and is often attributed to the Celts who lived in what is now Ireland.

The legend of the most familiar Hallowe’en symbol–a lighted pumpkin–comes from a tale of an old Irish miser named Jack. Jack made several pacts with the devil. He also tricked the devil. When he died, he could not get into Heaven for his sins and because he had tricked the devil, he could not get into Hell. The Devil gave him a coal and Jack placed it in a hollowed out turnip, which lit his way as he wandered the earth until Judgment Day.

These lit up turnips of ancient times were also said to help ward off evil. Pumpkins, native to America, were plentiful and took the place of turnips.

Printables to download for Halloween:

[Click for coloring page]

[Click for coloring page]


Perhaps you desire your very own “WANTED” poster? Or you would like to create a “WANTED” poster that represents a certain sibling of yours? Hahaha.
Character Wanted Poster (pdf)


[Download Vampire Mask (pdf)]


[Print Small Broom Parking Poster]


[Monsters vs Aliens Printable Maze]

Trick or treat me goodies and gifts

And just why did this Fluffy Kitty Happy Hoodie have to sell out?

Could it be because it is an adorable, snuggly soft, totally handmade hood and scarf combo that you can wear on cold windy days like today over your head so your hair isn’t lashing and whipping across your face? But it also wraps around and down your arms in such a way that your hands slip into it just right?

This is just one of the most clever, cozy looking things I have ever seen. I MUST have one! They are made by Happy Hoody Friends and you can buy them on Shana Logic of course. I most like the teal one but would also wear the black one, of course those are the two colors which are currently sold out. The other two available colors of these delightful kitty hoodies are hot pink and a flaming, bright red. I think I would keep it on all day, even at work, yes, yes I would.

Furthermore on Shana Logic, which I always check before holidays because of the amazing indie finds that can be found on her site…

Halloween goodies galore!

Raven Cameo Earrings! AAAh! Do you not adore them?!? These earrings are by Fable and Fury. There is a matching necklace but it is a sold out right now. Fortunately I am not much of a necklace girl so the earrings are just perfect.

Should I absolutely need a necklace there is a gorgeous Owl Silhouette Necklace that would go just right with the earrings considering they are in the bird family and also very Halloween like.

For both the earrings and the necklace the birds are perched inside of a ornate victorian-style frame, hence the whole cameo idea.

Trick or treat me!

A Ghostly Welcome on a Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday

I’m definitely in the Halloween holiday spirit today. I saw a recipe for Soft Cakey Pumpkin Cookies on poppytalk’s website and now I’m dying to try them. That is if I can figure out how to make them fructose-free for Braeden.

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Spirit Halloween, crazy creative costumes

Okay, time to dish! What are YOU going to be for Halloween? I want to hear all the crazy creative costumes people are thinking about?

And if you need inspiration check out SpiritHalloween.com Another place you can look for inspiration is at ComicCon photo galleries. I’ve only been to one ComicCon but man those people get it, they are serious costumers for sure.

So are you going to be a Smurf? A Ghostbuster? Rainbow Brite? Or something truly original like a “cereal killer” with bloody boxes of mini cereal boxes and plastic knives sticking out of them. Hehe. Or how about the YipYips from Sesame Street! That would be awesome!

Of course I’m quite partial to any costume idea from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Jack Skellington would be fantastic to see if done well. I have seen the pre-made Skellington’s and they leave a lot to be desired for… I think we’ll see a lot of Mad Hatters and Alices this year. I wonder if anyone will attempt Avatar costumes, I think that would be hard to pull off well.

Snowball Girl from Parenting.comThis little girl is supposed to be a little girl as a snowball which is incredibly creative and probably quite affordable to make. She’s adorable. Maybe add some snowflake confetti specks or glitter to her face and she’s set. It begins with an over-size pale-blue sweatshirt. That can’t be too difficult to find, right? Similarly this costume can be paired with a “Weather Girl or Guy” who would have a barometer, thermometer, binoculars, a clip board or something on them. An oversized yellow or orange sweatshirt would make a perfect little miss sunshine!

I think the easiest costume to put together aside for being a plain old ghost would be to turn yourself into a zombie. There are a bazillion youtube videos which teach you how to put on zombie makeup. And then of course cardboard boxes can be turned into pretty much anything. Get a big enough box, cut out a hole for your head and your arms. Paint colorful squares on it and wa-la you are a Rubik’s cube.

SpiritHalloween.com The Halloween Superstore

Star Wars, Twinkle Lights and Malted Ice Cream

This year Finnegan will be able to dress up in a costume and actually participate in trick-or-treating. Last year he was still a wee babe and we carried him around in skeleton pjs. This year his older Brother decided they should both be Star Wars characters. So Finn is going to be a baby Darth Vader and Brae is going to be Jango Fett.

I’m not sure if Brian decided on anything, but I intend on being Princess Leia. My Mom gave me an old white robe and I’m hoping to make it work somehow. It’s not in the budget to actually buy the costume for the adults. =o)

This morning I was reading about trends in costumes because I wanted to know if whole families do themes like we are hoping to do. Turns out we may be the only trendy family team, haha, but one thing which is growing more popular is couples dressing up in themes.

The key to a couple’s ensemble is to ensure the woman looks sexy and the man feels comfortable. Dreamgirl has several designs that coordinate together such as Pirates, Vampires and Cops-N-Robbers. “We see couple’s costumes as a growing trend, especially within the vampire and pirate themes.” Janet Teller, VP of Costume for Dreamgirl.

Dreamgirl can be found nationwide at Party City and Spirit Halloween retailers or online at BuyCostumes.com and Buyseasons.com and if I had the money I’d probably look into one of their costumes that actually lights up. They have fairy costumes which have twinkly lights under the tulle of the skirt. :)

Ooooo and did you hear about the new Baskin-Robbins ice cream!!!!?

Caramel Chocolate Malt is their October Flavor of the Month. The flavor is a scrumptious marriage of malt, chocolate and caramel providing the tastes of some of the most beloved Halloween candy. Ice cream enthusiasts and candy lovers alike will revel in excitement for this delicious treat that’s built on a classic malt flavor.

Halloween is scary for your pets

Ghosts and goblins walk the streets, approaching homes collecting treats. The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) cautions people about keeping their pets safe and preventing dog bite injuries this Halloween.

While some dogs may understand that costumes and excited children are all part of the holiday fun, many dogs are fearful of common Halloween activities. This creates an increased potential for dog bites.

“Dogs believe they are the guardians of their homes, and they can feel threatened if a stranger enters their space,” explains Dr. James O. Cook, president of the AVMA. “If your dog is apprehensive in these situations, you need to be sensitive to that and make preparations before Halloween to keep your dog — and all the little neighborhood ghosts and goblins-safe.”

Dr. Cook explains that costumes can be very confusing for dogs and this can cause them to react in ways that they might not otherwise. For example, some dogs will bark in alarm or show signs of aggression even when an owner or friend puts on a mask or costume.

“What’s important is that you be responsive to your dog and prepare ahead of time for the holiday,” he says. “If your dog gets nervous when the doorbell rings, put the dog in a place where it will feel safe. This could be inside a crate with a favorite toy or treat, or inside a familiar room with the door closed. This will make the dog feel safer and calmer.”

“If your dog appears to be excessively stressed, look to your veterinarian for help,” Dr. Cook adds.

Dog bite injuries and stress are not the only hazards for dogs and their owners on Halloween; candy is another common Halloween problem. Chocolate is poisonous to dogs, and so is xylitol, an artificial sweetener found in many chewing gums. Make sure you store Halloween candy where your dog cannot reach it, because most pets will eat it if given the opportunity.

“Children tend to want to share their treats with their pets, and the dog is all too happy to oblige,” Dr. Cook explains. “Warn your children beforehand that table scraps are unhealthy for pets, and that candy can be deadly.”