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Don’t Act Like You Don’t Care

A lot of indie music is a blend of blend between british pop and american folk. Most of the time indie bands add eclectic instruments, hand claps and other environmental ambiance into the mix while recording lo-fi music in their bedroom, but Luke Temple is a guy who just wanted to sing and you can tell when you listen to his music. So go ahead and jump into this post full swing wanting to hate on him because you’re a jaded music snot who thinks if someone is writing about a singer-songwriter than they are already “found out” and but I’m telling you now. This guy rocks, so.. Don’t Act Like You Don’t Care.

Before the success of his group Here We Go Magic, Luke Temple worked full-time as a plasterer. At nights after work, he spent his hours crafting what would become Here We Go Magic’s self-titled debut. During the days he wrote a completely different set of songs in his head. The resulting record Don’t Act Like You Don’t Care shines with clarity and daylight, in contrast to Here We Go Magic’s hazy aquatic debut.

After recording two critically acclaimed solo records for Mill Pond (2005, 2007) Temple’s work still hadn’t garnered much attention from the record-buying public. Frustrated, but not defeated, he focused his creative energy into the writing of two amazing, but completely different records. Initially referred to as “The Country Record,” Don’t Act Like You Don’t Care was shelved due to the success of Here We Go Magic’s self-titled debut. Now, three years later, we’re finally able to offer this incredible collection of folk-pop songs.

Unlike the Here We Go Magic record, Don’t Act Like You Don’t Care focuses on Temple’s songwriting and evocative tenor. From heartbreaking ballads like “So Long, So Long” and “Ballad for Dick George” to jaunty pop gems like “Ophelia” and “In The Open” you’ll become fast friends with these songs that continue to satisfy after hundreds of listens.

Inspired by Rudy Vangelder’s early Blue Note recordings, Temple and friends recorded the songs in two 4-hour sessions using just three microphones and a 4-track recorder. Temple is fortunate to have some amazingly talented friends with Eliot Krimsky ( shines with clarity and daylight, in contrast to Here We Go Magic’s hazy aquatic debut. Glass Ghost) on synths, Tyler Wood on piano, Parker Kindred (Antony and the Johnsons, Jeff Buckley) on drums, Michael Bloch (Here We Go Magic) on guitar, and Adam Chilenski on bass.


Luke Temple – “How Could I Lie” (mp3)
Luke Temple – “More Than ” (mp3)


The Boss and Thursday tunes

Not really much of a write up for you today, but I do have some songs to share. And news on some of the entertainment in store for President Obama’s Inauguration. Sources told the Post’s Lena Sun that Bruce Springsteen will perform at Barack Obama’s inauguration week welcome event January 18, 2008 on the National Mall. The event will be on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and open to the public for free. The Boss has been a bigtime Obama backer and they campaigned together in Cleveland during the general election.

Now for some tunes:
Au Revoir Simone – “Here Is The News” (mp3)
Here We Go Magic – “Tunnelvision” (mp3)
The Online Romance – “Ladybug, Don’t Smile” (mp3)
Squares On Both Sides – “Goodbye To The Trees” (mp3)
Bosque Brown – “Went Walking” (mp3)