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Are you 21? Are you ready for your close-up?

Relativity Media and Virgin Produced have teamed up with CollegeHumor.com, a leading comedy-driven entertainment website, to launch a sweepstakes for 21 and Overthe comedy starring rising cast Justin Chon (The Twilight Saga), Skylar Astin (Taking Woodstock), Sarah Wright (The House Bunny)  and Miles Teller (Footloose), written and directed by The Hangover writers Jon Lucas and Scott Moore.

CollegeHumor’s “21 and Over” sweepstakes will fly the lucky winner and two 21-year-old friends to the Seattle, Washington set of 21 and Over ,courtesy of Virgin America, for the opportunity to win a walk-on-role in the raucous comedy. Submissions open on September 1st and the winner will be selected on September 12th. Hotel arrangements will be accommodated. Winners will also be provided with handheld cameras to capture their behind-the-scenes adventures during production, which will be featured on CollegeHumor.com at time of release.

21 and Overis a hilarious comedy in which two childhood friends drag their straight-arrow buddy out to celebrate his twenty-first birthday the night before an all-important medical school interview. But when one beer leads to another, the evening spirals into a wild epic misadventure of debauchery and mayhem that none of them will ever forget.

Between September 1, 2011 and September 10th, 2011

Prize: One (1) Grand Prize winner and up to two (2) Guests shall win a walk on role in the upcoming movie “21 and Over.” Trip consists of round-trip main cabin airfare on Virgin America from one of their U.S. destinations to Seattle to Seattle, WA from September 19th to October 1st, and one (1) hotel suite, (triple occupancy, minimum one [1] night, maximum two [2] nights depending on flights, shoot schedules, etc.), and ground transportation to/from airport/hotel/studio. If winner resides within a 100-mile radius of Seattle, Washington, ground transportation will be provided in lieu of air transportation and no compensation or substitution will be provided in lieu thereof. (Approximate Retail Value of up to $4,999.99).

Things that make me say ‘WOW’ … and then laugh

Next month my friend and office mate Adam will be getting married. That’s right, exactly one month from today, on 9/10/11, Adam and his lovely lady, Stefanie are getting hitched. Since Adam inspires a great many laughing moments in this office. I mean full out belly laughs which I have no doubt can be heard clear down the hall. I would like to dedicate this ridonkulous post to him and his future wife, Stef, since she is the “WOW” in his life. :)

This post is for you guys!

You're awesome, right? Then wear funny, hilarious, cool T-shirts

Have you ever looked to see how many different websites exist online to buy funny t-shirts? There are hundreds! Some of them are duplicative, but not all. People like having funny, witty t-shirts. I mean most of them are printed on soft, cotton material so they are actually comfortable to wear. But it’s also cool to be able to walk around wearing something that not only makes you chuckle throughout the day, but it also makes people around you snicker or laugh or whatever. You know? I mean, I have the type of personality who definitely gets a kick of out that and I know my brother does and my husband does, too. I wish there were more sites who offer funny t-shirts for children, because THAT would be awesome. Even better would be retro concert shirts for kids, I’m always looking for those! But anywho…moving on…

Basic American Apparel T-Shirt Matching “His/Hers” t-shirts. Wear this on your honeymoon and announce your newlywed status in style!

Pair this tee with: “His” T-shirt by poptasticbride.

Perhaps you want the Star Wars duo shirts from the thumb nail at the top of this post? They are at StarWars.com. Although to be honest, I couldn’t actually find a place to order them. If someone else can just leave a comment and I’ll edit the post.

Basic T-Shirt Kung Fu Drifter…? This funny martial arts inspired design features an illustration of a green grasshopper practicing his martial arts moves, and reads: “Young grasshopper was wise in the ways of kung fu…”

Ladies Baby Doll (Fitted) Could there be a deadlier concoction than the part Irish part Italian? AKA the bad ass mofo? It’s certainly the winning recipe for someone who is not to be f’d with. Be sure to visit our store for more Italian t-shirts and gifts from Biscotti Mafia!

Seriously, who comes up with these things?

And I came across this web page, “10 Things That’ve Made Us Say “Wow” Since the Dawn of Time”

One of the excerpt I wanted to share because I spit my coffee out when I read it…


In January of 1982, feminism chomped its way into the greed decade in the form of fearless video-game goddess Ms. Pac-Man. With her not-afraid-to-be-feminine hair bow and a most unladylike appetite, the Divine Ms. P. was the culmination of the history of feminism, as well as the harbinger and spiritual godmother of what was yet to come. Making good on the promises of pioneers Susan B. Anthony, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Bella Abzug, Ms. Pac-Man laid the groundwork for all that passes for feminism at the end of the millennium, from Riot Grrl to Lilith Fair to those postmodern psychofemmes Camille Paglia and Courtney Love — hard-biting bitches who’ll only deign to get married after devouring their way through maze after maze packed with ravenous ghosts. (You’ll notice Ally McBeal is left off the list, ’cause Ms. Pac-Man doesn’t puke up what she eats.) If there were any justice, Ms. Pac-Man’s face would be on the quarter.

Hilarity! I’m telling you!

Montparnasse (Search Invitation for Google+)There is a Flickr Group called One Word: WOW! and I am assuming the photos in this group are supposed to make me say “WOW!” some of them do, some of them not so much. But it was still interesting to find it. I don’t think random people photos should be allowed to be in the group, they are too subjective, but then again so is photography, right? Just, sorry girl in the blue shirt, you don’t get a wow factor from me. However, the photo taken from the air of Montparnasse at night, definitely a “WOW!” photo and I totally understand why it is there.

Last, but not least, there is an entire blog devoted to such WOW factor things. It’s called “All Things WOW!” and it says, “Anything that makes me smile – from food to animals to travel to people and animals. News, events, anything that inspires, amazes, shocks – just make me say “WOW”!”

Who knew!?