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Happy Halloween Music Lovers Playlist Part II

Thank you for checking back in to see the PART II Halloween Playlist! You can grab these fun tracks below and keep them for your Halloween travels and parties!

[icon_music] H-A double L o – Halloween Song for Kids! – by Wade Denning and Kay Lande [/icon_music]

[icon_music]Monster Mash – by Bobby Pickett[/icon_music]

[icon_music]This Is Halloween – Danny Elfman[/icon_music]

[icon_music]Somebody’s Watching Me – Rockwell[/icon_music]


Toys for Tots, option to donate to Children Affected by Hurricane Sandy

Tis the season for giving.

Your family may not be able to give and if that is the case it is completely understandable. Times are tough for a lot of people right now. But if you do have an extra $5 or $10 to donate to Toys for Tots right now it would help make the holidays extra magical for many children.

A message from the folks at Toys for Tots:

We are all witness to the devastation Hurricane Sandy created in New York, New Jersey and parts of several other states.  Fortunately, we have the Red Cross and other agencies that are providing the shelter, medicine, clothing, food and supplies that the people of those states critically need.

Now that the immediate needs of these families are being met, the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation has begun making plans to help fulfill the Christmas dreams for the displaced children of that region.  Last year we provided gifts to over 500,000 children in those areas, but unfortunately, we still ran out of gifts long before we ran out of children.

This year, because of Hurricane Sandy and its destruction, there will be even more desperate parents trying to determine how to provide Christmas gifts for their children.  We intend to be there for these unfortunate families.  You might say that toys are nonessentials.  You’re right, but why should the children who just lost everything have to lose their hope and belief in Santa as well!

On the Toys for Tots website there is a special donation button meant for just the families impacted by Hurricane Sandy.

Something important to know about Toys for Tots … 97% of your donation goes to our mission of providing toys, books and other gifts to less fortunate children.  The 3% spent on support principally covers fundraising expenses – not one donated dollar goes to pay for salaries or any other manpower costs.

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Please, please give me some Savings.com

If you’re like me then you are receiving countless emails right now about the deals you could be getting for items on your Christmas list. Even today, three days from Christmas, I’m getting emails saying it is not too late to order something and get it shipped in time for Christmas. Still I am being promised the best prices and the best quality. It is amazing to know I do not have to start my shopping until December 22nd. However, I would be more insane than ever if I waited until now to begin the whole holiday craze process.

Thankfully, there are sites like Savings.com with the promised Savings.com deals which are available anytime of the years and I can count on them regardless of the holiday or commercial explosion.

Yes, I was one of those Moms looking high and low for the Leapster Leap Pad and the Mickey Mouse with the guitar. Mmmhmm. Not to mention it would be nice to be able to find matching Christmas pajammies for boys in both the sizes I need for Braeden and Finn. Because I tried. Oh have I tried and one size always seems to be sold out.

So whatever brand or hot item might be on my oldest son’s holiday wish list or my husband’s birthday list later in the winter, I know that I can head to Savings.com and if there is a deal to be had it will be there. There’s no searching through hundreds of fliers or emails and I certainly don’t have to deal with spam. It’s a one stop site and it makes Mama Mania more bearable; if even just a little bit. ;)

Maximize my savings. Maximize my smiles. :D

Time to make a photo Christmas card #deal #bargain

Ready to make your Christmas cards? Get 24 custom photo cards for FREE from SeeHere by Fuji Film — just pay $2.49 shipping. Here’s how to do the deal:

:: Create or log into your SeeHere account.

:: Create a 4×8 single flat photo card.

:: Add 24 cards to your cart.

:: At checkout, enter the coupon code 25cards.

Your total cost should be $2.49 for 24 custom photo cards!

Or if you want to order more than 25 cards you can still enter the coupon code, get your discount and pay a minimal price. You could get 30 cards for under $8 which is what I did. I did this last year as well and the cards turned out beautifully, everyone (including me) loved them.

Shall we take a villa in Spain or Portugal?

Villas in Spain you say? Lately, I have been saying the phrase “Calgon, take me away” a lot. It’s not that there is anymore stress than usual, it is just that everyone, even super moms have a breaking point or at least a tipping point. So if I could light a calming candle, turn down the light, eliminate the stressors and the noises, breathe deep and relax where would I want to be? Could I picture myself in the villas in Portugal? Perhaps the villas in Spain? Why do I need to choose, how about a double location holiday?

I’ll daydream myself into a mink coat with a diamond tiara like Marilyn Monroe and pack the bubble bath with my fuzzy slippers. I can stay in the old Bed & Breakfast in Perrozo, Picos de Europa, Cantabria in Spain. Look out the window, sip some wine and not worry about a thing. Complete with the simple comfort of homecooking at a quaint Bed & Breakfast. Can’t you picture it?

And then maybe I would feel a bit more rested and ready for something faster paced. I could head to Portugal and stay at the Quinta Bed & Breakfast in Sintra, Lisbon Coast, Portugal. I would still satisfy my love of the vintage and historic traditional atmospheres staying in a traditional 1746 Portuguese Manor House furnished with antiques. But I would be in a city nearby the underground bus or tram, ready to jet set out for a night on the town.

It could all wind down to a trip to the Sinatra Mountains. Out what a joy it would be, imagine the photographs I could take, the visions. And I read they have amazing trails there, hiking has become quite a lovely pastime of mine so it would definitely be something I would map out. Just thinking about it has me all dreamy-eyed. Oh how wonderful, to be on holiday!