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Only if you really want an iPad Air or Surface 2

You may not know this but there are so many amazing giveaways hosted online by blogs year round. Amazing giveaways and all you need to do is be a reader of their blog, check out the post and enter using some sort of form, usually Rafflecopter forms at the bottom of the post. It’s so EASY! I absolutely love entering, but more than that I love hosting and participating so that my readers have the chance to win.

With that said… do you want to win either an iPad Air or Surface 2? Or better yet since this giveaway ends before Christmas, do you know anyone you can gift the item to and surprise them with such an amazing techie item!?

iPadAir Surface2

Welcome to the iPad Air / Surface 2 Giveaway!

Some of us awesome bloggers have teamed up to offer one lucky reader a chance to win his or her choice between an iPad Air or a Surface 2 tablet! This giveaway is organized by Bay Area Mommy and cohosted by The WiC Project, Freebie Depot, Coupon & Freebies Mom and Mom To Bed By 8.

Giveaway ends December 14, 2013 at 11:59pm EST. Open worldwide. Void where prohibited. Must be at least 18 years old to enter. If the winner resides outside the US, he/she will receive $500 cash instead. Entries will be verified. Winner will be randomly picked by Rafflecopter, will receive an email from isis@bayareamommy.net and will have 48 hours to respond. If no response is received within 48 hours from the time email was sent, a new winner will be picked. No Purchase Necessary. To enter, use the form below. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: This blog is not responsible for prize fulfillment. For questions regarding this giveaway, contact Bay Area Mommy.

Wipeout as an app? Yes. So of course now Hunger Games is on the iPad as an app

Since its debut in March on Facebook alongside the release of the blockbuster film in theaters, The Hunger Games Adventures has quickly become one of the top adventure games on the platform, receiving stellar reviews from critics and fans alike across its player base of millions. As tablet and mobile gaming continues its rapid growth, Funtactix and Lionsgate have provided a new way for fans of all ages to experience the game on the iPad.
“Bringing The Hunger Games Adventures to the iPad allows a new group of fans to experience what millions have played on Facebook,” said Sam Glassenberg, CEO of Funtactix. ”Using the iPad’s touch screen creates a more intimate and accessible experience for fans as they journey through the deep, authentic world on a quest to become the next hero of Panem.”
In The Hunger Games Adventures, players embark on a daring adventure beyond the fence of District 12, getting a chance to explore the other districts in Panem for the very first time. By completing new chapters, fans uncover character back-stories and receive new and exclusive content from The Hunger Games franchise, not available anywhere else. Along the journey, they are accompanied by their favorite characters – including Katniss, Peeta and Gale – for help and guidance as they complete quests and explore the vast universe of Panem.
The Hunger Games Adventures is now available for free from the App Store on iPad or at: http://itunes.apple.com/app/hunger-games-adventures-official/id559845361?mt=8

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A not so secret, SECRET PAGE, by the band “Say No”

Music influenced by the Sex Pistols, Oasis and Kasabian? Hmm. The band “SAY NO” has a new Link to this Secret Page which will allow fans to check out SEVEN tracks off their upcoming album.

Also if you vote on the page you can get a free copy of the first single before the release date. But wait, the band has done Prices Right style and given MORE chances to win! And in this instance you really just can’t say no, right? There’s a chance to win an iPad or $50 iTunes gift card. Come on! SO you get to heard tracks from the upcoming release, you get to download a copy of the first single if you vote AND you might win an iPad or $50 iTunes Gift card. I’d say it’s worth clicking and checking out simple for those odds!

The SAY NO super secret fan page (which obviously won’t be so super secret after this post) can be found here: Say No Secret Page

I am very much amused by their website because normally when you get to a band’s main home page you are brought to information about the band. Their bio or press kit is right there to look through, but SAY NO’s main page simply says “Who cares about a bio? Listen to our music.” Wow, so much for web keywords they are THAT confident in the tracks, so confident they want to share a bunch because they know you will be inclined to buy their highly-anticipate album which comes out this year.

So go for it!

Visit Sponsor's SiteThis post brought to you by SAY NO. All opinions are 100% mine.

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Thinking of moving to Amazon’s LOVEFiLM Instant?

LOVEFiLM Instant? Wait, what? How did I miss this and is it Amazon‘s answer to Netflix? I don’t understand? How can it have reached two million subscribers and I don’t even know what it is with its cute little “i” and all other letters are capital, I love that! I wonder if they’ll be coming over to the US in the near future because I’d love to trial. It sounds like they are quite a smash in the UK.

Amazon’s LOVEFiLM today announces that they have reached two million subscribers driven by a record number of sign-ups in the fourth quarter of 2011. The Amazon-owned service added hundreds of thousands of new customers that now have access to LOVEFiLM Instant, which provides a unique offering of instantly streamed film and TV series, combined with the vast selection of DVD, Blu-ray and Video Game rentals. This is the fastest customer growth rate LOVEFiLM has experienced since 2009.

Simon Calver, CEO of Amazon’s LOVEFiLM, commented:

“Customers tell us they love LOVEFiLM because of the value, choice and innovation we offer in subscription film and TV entertainment. We offer customers an unparalleled range of titles, including exclusively available blockbusters, with over 70,000 DVDs, Blu-rays, films, TV shows, Video Games and streaming alternatives conveniently available for customers to watch in the location of their choice. Our two million members can look forward to us adding even more world class content, in a variety of formats, to be delivered across an ever expanding range of digital platforms.”

LOVEFiLM also announces the introduction of an unlimited streaming-only package which provides access to films and TV shows via LOVEFiLM Instant. Customers can access the LOVEFiLM Instant digital service through a range of devices including PlayStation(R)3, Xbox, iPad(TM) and a variety of other internet enabled devices.

LOVEFiLM members also benefit from LOVEFiLM Instant video-on-demand exclusivity in numerous major titles such as The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, The Dark Knight and hundreds more that have transformed traditional pay-tv windows. In the past twelve months alone LOVEFiLM has added digital content from a broad base of providers including major studios, distributors and networks such as Sony, Warner Bros., Entertainment One, STUDIOCANAL, BBC and ITV.

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The Collection aka iPad appazine

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of ogilvy. All opinions are 100% mine.

The Collection Image App It’s awesomeness really, when you can wake up the iPad, open one app and get refreshed and updated on all the current news, internationally, all at once.

Consider the topics you find most interesting, for me recently they have been political in terms of what is happening in the Middle East, but many of my readers have been fascinated about The Royal Wedding. Well here in the US we had to wake up at the crack of dawn to watch the wedding. But if I had grabbed the iPad and opened the collection I would have gotten every update I needed straight away before the coffee even brewed.

And thankfully The Collection presents their news with videos, panoramic photos, #D animations, etc. so it’s not like you’d be looking at a regular magazine or newspaper, it would be far more like holding a television in the palm of your hands.

The Collection, or appazine as some call it, is definitely an iPad app worth trying and you can grab it from Apple obviously at their App Store. Or if you don’t yet own an iPad you can also enter to WIN AN iPAD of YOUR VERY OWN! 

To enter you must have a Twitter account (because only entries make through Twitter will count) and tweet the following message. “Stay up-to-date with current events by using #thecollection iPad App tweet to enter

The contest ends on May 15, 2011.

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What will the writers do to Meredith this week? Stay synced!

There are millions of books on shelves all over the world waiting to be purchased and read. Likewise there are e-books floating around cyberspace and prepared to download to your Kindle or Nook at any given moment. So often people beg for silence or escape, claiming the world won’t listen to them, but if they could only see… the world not only listens it also echoes and sympathizes.

Every book has an author, every author has a voice and every voice is waiting to be heard. If not out loud, then in written words or in photographs and pictures. It’s not as though the whole world is seeking attention, although we all do that at some point as well, what we are seeking is acceptance.

Words, words are such powerful tools, motivators, weapons and healers. Like water or wind they can wash over you or drown you; caress your cheek or knock you over.

I don’t often watch Grey’s Anatomy anymore because I’m tired at night, but I remember the beginning and ending of the shows always had a character speaking, just thinking out loud of explaining the show’s theme. And those words were always so profound. Their writers, people I don’t know, people you probably don’t know, they somehow are able to write a script which speaks to such a wide audience and it packs a punch. Simply…words.

Meredith: We’re all looking for answers in medicine, in life, in everything. Sometimes the answers we’re looking for have been hiding just below the surface. Other times we find answers when we didn’t even realize we were asking the question. Sometimes the answers can catch us completely by surprise. And sometimes, even when we find the answer we’ve been looking for we’re still left with a whole hell of a lot of questions.

Grey’s Anatomy fans have been anxiously awaiting a McDreamy baby, but what will happen when Meredith’s fertility treatment begins to affect her eyesight? On tonight’s all new episode, two of the most important thing in Meredith’s life – starting a family and her profession – appear to be working against each other. When her vision fails mid-surgery, it becomes apparent that this could change everything.

When watching tonight’s episode, experience Meredith’s struggle in a deeper way with the free Grey’s Anatomy Sync iPad App. Interact with the episode and other fans during tonight’s all new episode “Not Responsible” at 9/8c on ABC. Using advanced Media-Sync technology, the app syncs with the episode in real time and allows you to interact with polls and quizzes, unlock bonus content, earn badges by “checking in” to different locations during the show and more. The Grey’s Anatomy Sync then allows you to share your experience with friends and other fans through your Facebook account!

Download the Grey’s Anatomy Sync app on your iPad for free.

If there has ever been a better time to want to keep tabs with what the magnificent Grey’s writers are up to, then it is now. Stay synced!

Pocket Body App Gets Update

Pocket Anatomy has launched the latest update to Pocket Body, the full body human anatomy App, on the iTunes App store.

Pocket Body is a fully searchable interactive atlas of the human anatomy which allows the busy medical and nursing student or allied health care professional to visualize the human musculoskeletal system through the use of interactive high definition illustrations of the human body.

The introduction of the ‘Body Map’ feature is a major step forward in navigation within Pocket Body v1.1. This feature allows the user to quickly navigate to any part of the body in a single action, thus saving time and improving the overall user experience. Changes to the rotate and the double-tap features are also included in this update which, in conjunction with the ‘Body Map’ will result in a smoother navigational experience throughout the app. A number of updates to the advanced anatomical content have also been made in this release, all based on feedback received from users of v1.0 of Pocket Body.