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Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Ideas

Look no further than FrugalDad.com for the best Amazon deals out there. If you are like me you get the daily emails which explain the buy of the day for Amazon.com, but they don’t break it down by topic and they certainly don’t tell you all of the deals. That’s why we use FrugalDad.com’s website because everything is organized and broken down for you all in one place.

I know my father-in-law is constantly entering contests for a Kindle Fire so it’s cool to see that FrugalDad.com has Kindle Fire Deals readily available on his site. Come on if you are being honest with yourself you are curious just by the fact that this is not a Mommy Blog talking about deals and frugality, it is a DAD! That does not happen every day folks.

There are buttons on the website which help prompt you if you are specifically looking for book deals. You can click for special coupon codes in places. Everything is nicely color coded so you can easily see if you are saving a specific percentage or if a certain amount of money is going to be taken out of the total or if you will be getting a special daily deal, etc. I find that helpful because based on those colors you can more easily know if this is something you have time to think about or if you should jump on it pronto.

There are other frugal tips on the website, not just regarding Amazon.com but since Amazon is so huge FrugalDad takes more time to break things out in maybe a friendlier way that requires less searching and poking through pages. Hey anything that can save money AND time is a winner in my book. So with holidays and special times coming up, definitely click through for Kindle Fire Deals or for a bunch of other gift ideas.


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