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The gift of giving food to the hungry

braeden-presenting-3bHunger is a world issue.

There are many people and foundations who help feed those in need.

My son, Brae, age 10, has developed his own project to feed the hungry and it is called 3B: Brae’s Brown Bag Foundation.

Here is a bit of what 3B is all about:

3B stands for Brae’s Brown Bags. I came up with this idea after winning the 2013 Healthy Lunchtime Challenge and sitting with the First Lady Michelle Obama at the Kids’ State Dinner. She asked me how I could pay the experience forward. I’ve been trying to do that ever since!

I am learning a lot about food scarcity and issues related to being homeless or poor. These are things I didn’t know much about only a few months ago. I think 3B is something which could be implemented at schools or recreation centers for under reached children who have high percentages of obesity. I learned that many people who have a hard time finding food to feed their family have an even harder time finding healthy food options that they can afford.

3B bags have three healthy snacks and a water bottle with a note from me. My Mom and I wrote a grant and received $500 from DoSomething.org for my project. DoSomething.org people asked me what kind of super hero power I would want if I could have one. At first I said I would like to have speed or read minds, but I think that kids can be their own super hero. I think if people see what kids can do and they let kids rise to the occasion than we can help the world and that is the best super power ever.

It’s important to me that people understand 3B bags are unique. They are healthy and encouraging to people. It’s more than just a hand out, it’s a message of hope.

We have two stops to make next week to hand out bags to those in need. One is on the Monday before Christmas and one is on the Saturday after Christmas. But people are in need of food at all times during the year.

If you ever have the desire to help out you can create your own “Brae’s Brown Bag” and have it in your car in case you come across someone in need. Or you can check out Brae’s donation page and see how to help with in-kind donations or monetary donations. Every little bit helps.


A very Happy Thanksgiving to all; Here are some ways you can help those less fortunate

I am thankful for so much in my life! My wonderful husband Brian of five years, our three amazing children; Braeden, Finnegan and Amelia who is 4 weeks old now, my parents and my brother top the long list of all I have to be grateful for! I’m also thankful for my job, having a warm home, food on the table and good health; all of which should not be taken for granted. :)

There are many people in the world far less fortunate than myself. They still get up every morning and make it through their day. There are starving children, homeless families, and families living in poverty. In 2011, 46.2 million people (15.0 percent) were in poverty. In 2011, 50.1 million Americans lived in food insecure households, 33.5 million adults and 16.7 million children.

There are many people hose who have been laid off and are looking for work everyday. Recently many families on the East Coast lost a loved one, lost their home or lost their business due to Hurricane Sandy

There are many men and women away at war or stationed far from their homes and families.

There are homeless pets who have been tossed aside and are sitting in shelters hoping for their own fur family.

The list is daunting and makes me even more grateful for my good fortune. To all those people in tough places right now I wish you endless blessings. My heart goes out to all and I sincerely hope things improve for those people.

Here are ways you can help those in need:

Wishing you and yours a warm and joyous Thanksgiving!

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