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My first Groovebook of photos @groovebookapp

groovebookRemember me talking about Groovebook?

Well I have my first Groovebook and have shared it with family and friends. So far my friends have been impressed, they love the look of the book that you get in the mail. The soft cover is pretty sturdy which is nice. I’m still amazed the book is only $2.99.

Having received the book I can tell you the paper quality inside is glossy and thin, much like a sheet of magazine paper. If you tear one out of the book (there are perforated edges) then definitely hang it in your cubicle or frame it right away because it’s paper you could easily rip.

Also, remember Groovebook is “sort of” subscription based. Your last 100 photos taken will be printed in your next book if you do not pre-select the ones you wish to have printed OR opt to skip the next month. I think that is probably the most annoying feature of Groovebook.

However, I will say I am very excited to know my next book will be of the photos from my trip to Washington, DC with Braeden when we attended the Kids’ State Dinner at The White House.

So for those of us who take a million photos with our iPhone this app is super cool, the book you get is like a little brag book you can carry around and share with people. Or you can right the month and year on the spine of the book and start a collection. (Note that if you go through the photos a lot the pages do fall out, at least I have found this to be the case with mine).

For $2.99 I think it is a really great deal. I know a lot of photogs who use their smartphones all the time while shooting out in the street and they could create great proofbooks with this app so that is a thought as well. And for those of you who use instagram you can create a book of your instagram shots which I know a lot of people would be interested in doing.

You can use the promo code: MANNERING2 if you are interested in trying it out!

GrooveBook is coming with me to the White House @groovebookapp

how-to-groove-bookI downloaded a new app on my phone called GrooveBook and I’m very excited to give it a try when Braeden and I attend the Kids’ State Dinner at the White House in a couple of weeks.

You can upload 100 of your favorite photos from your phone, send them to GrooveBook, pay $2.99 shipping and they will send you a photo book with those photos. The date and location is printed on the back of the photos and they are perforated for easy sharing. You could choose 5 of the same photo to be placed in the book and then when you are bragging about the photos, rip one out and share it with a friend or family member.

I mean how cool is that idea?

I know my Mom would love to have a GrooveBook in her purse to take to Church and share with friends. I’m going to need to have a few of these things printed me thinks.

groovebook-screenshotI’m going to go ahead and give it a try before we head to DC just to see how it turns out. I downloaded the app and signed up within three minutes, it’s so easy to do. You have to type in a code at the end and we have one just for our readers.

After I signed up I picked 100 photos from my phone to upload and have made into a book. The process was easy, a green check mark appears when you have selected a photo for upload. Then it goes through and adds them to a book. Now my phone is on a wireless network right now and it did take about five minutes so I would say you should probably do this where you have WiFi and not over the normal data 4G.


Be sure to check back here after our visit in Washington, DC to see what our GrooveBook looks!