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Hershey’s for Halloween

The Hershey’s website typically does some cool things around the holidays. Normally I end up getting releases about them, but this year I didn’t. However, that did not stop me from looking.

This year Hershey’s has a page online called “Hershey’s Boo Blvd.” and it’s adorable. There are cute ghosty animations flying back and forth on the screen and links to recipes, crafts, videos, a blog, etc.

So if you are looking for more Halloween decoration ideas like making your front door look like a giant Frankenstein or recipes like Halloween Cookies on a Stick then definitely check out the creations and tips available at Hershey’s Boo Blvd. They also have cute computer desktop wallpapers and coloring pages you can print out for the kiddos to color. Oooo and if you are like my family and you need to carve more pumpkins because the ones you just carved are already rotten…well then be sure to check for the stencils on Boo Blvd. I especially like the owl one, but it’s advanced and I’m not sure I have that kind of skill :)

On a side note, a blog I read frequently is hosting a giveaway for Hershey’s Halloween treats, check it out Leslie Loves Veggies >>

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