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Bella’s Truck will be at CityWalk Tonight for Twilight Fans!


Thursday, November 15 at 9 p.m.


Twi-hards Catch the Conclusion to the Twilight Franchise at Universal CityWalk Cinemas

Movie-Goers to Experience Up-Close Look at Film’s Iconic 1963 Chevy Pick-Up Truck

Prop on Display Near CityWalk’s “5 Towers” Outdoor Concert Venue 

WHAT:           Bella’s truck popularized in the spellbinding romantic Twilight series and featured in “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2,” the final installment in the Twilight film franchise, will be on display at Universal CityWalk Cinemas and IMAX.    To celebrate the conclusion of the series, fans can sink their teeth into the opportunity to take photos with the 1963 Chevy.

The vintage red pick-up truck will be on display at Universal CityWalk Thursday, November 15 through Sunday, November 18.

Universal CityWalk Cinemas features the best movie going experience in L.A. and is equipped with comfortable, stadium-style seating and 19 screens, including a 7-story IMAX.

For more information or to purchase tickets to “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2” fans can go to www.citywalkhollywood.com/cinemas.

WHEN:           Thursday, November 15

9 p.m.              Fans begin arriving for “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2,”

10 p.m.            “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2,” screenings begin

WHERE:         Universal CityWalk Cinemas – located adjacent to “5 Towers” concert venue – 100 Universal City Plaza, Universal City, CA 91608

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Nicole Richie Shoes, CBS new programming, Chase to outshine Efron?

How I Met Your Mother star Alyson Hannigan and her husband, actor Alexis Denisof, welcomed a daughter, Satyana Denisof, on Tuesday, March 24th in Los Angeles, her rep tells PEOPLE. Funnily enough, the 24th is also Alyson’s birthday!

Though no further details were released, Alyson’s rep tells PEOPLE, “They’re very excited, and mom and baby are doing great.”


Robert Pattinson will be joined by fellow British actor Jamie Campbell Bower for Twilight sequel New Moon.

Bower, 20, will be taking over the role of Volutri leader Caius. He joins Dakota Fanning, who will portray the Volturi’s angel-faced minion Jane.

“I doubt I’ll get the same sort of adulation as Robert,” Jamie told BBC News Monday. “But it’s always nice when people recognize you for your work.”

Bower’s credits include RocknRolla and Sweeney Todd.


Gossip Girl hottie Chace Crawford wants to slide in behind Zac Efron and take over the lead role in the planned Footloose remake. According to E! Online, Chace had a screen test for the updated version of the Kevin Bacon classic this weekend and an inside source said,”He did really well.”


Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens want to be like David and Victoria Beckham.

Efron says he “loves” the soccer star’s fashion sense – and finds it funny when he and girlfriend Hudgens are compared to David and Victoria.

He says, “Vanessa and I would love to be like the US David and Victoria Beckham. It’s funny when we’re compared to them, I just can’t believe it. I totally love the way David dresses.”

That settles it, Chace Crawford should handle Footloose, Zac needs to come out of the closet before he is given any other big name productions.


On Tuesday, North Korea announced that it would try American journalists Euna Lee and Laura Ling – Lisa Ling’s sister – for “hostile acts” and illegally entering the country.

The official Korean Central News Agency said, “The illegal entry of US reporters into the DPRK (North Korea) and their suspected hostile acts have been confirmed by evidence and their statements.”

The agency also said that the pair, who work for California-based Current TV, will be granted consular access and will be tried according to international law. The agency did not, however, specify their “hostile acts,” although South Korean reports are saying they could be tried for spying.

The situation also tries relations with North Korea, which is planning to launch a communications satellite that the US believes is just a cover for long-range missile testing.


CBS may soon decide to pull the plug on “Guiding Light,” the longest-running daytime drama in television history.

While no final decision has been made, the network’s deal for the Procter & Gamble-produced drama-the least watched of the eight daytime serials currently on the air-ends in September. But if CBS does drop “Guiding Light,” it likely would lock in a decision within the next month, people familiar with the matter said. That would give writers a chance to tie up storylines.

CBS also would need to finalize new programming for the daytime hour that “Guiding Light” would be vacating.


Soon you’ll be able to channel style icon Nicole Richie from head to toe – at least as far as accessories are concerned. Following the success of her line of headbands and jewelry, the star has just inked a deal to design footwear, WWD reports. Partnering with the manufacturers who produce Modern Vintage shoes and Earnest Sewn jeans, Richie will add a line of around 20 shoe styles to her House of Harlow 1960 label for spring of 2010, as well as bags, belts and small accessories.


Teenage star Miley Cyrus has disappointed her young fans by insisting she won’t be starring in any more “Hannah Montana” movies.


On a recent appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Halle Berry spoke out about motherhood, whether or not she is going to have another one and her daughter’s one-year birthday celebration.

Although she’s previously been quoted saying that she wouldn’t mind giving her daughter Nahla a sibling, she told Jay, “My mind wants another child, but my body is saying something else.”

One thing is for sure. She has absolutely no plans to wed her baby daddy and beau Gabriel Aubry. After giving the host a definitive “no,” she added: “The answer to that is never going to change.”

Pattinson Popularity; Jamie Spears not to marry; Lance Armstrong and his 12 screws

Republican Whip Eric Cantor has skipped his party’s big annual fundraiser on Tuesday to attend Britney Spears’ concert in Washington DC.

As confirmed by GOP aides to the Huffington Post, the House Minority representative went to the show at the request of a fundraiser. Though he apparently didn’t enjoy the show, Cantor heroically stayed through the whole show for the conservative party.

An insider told the news trade, “If suffering through a Britney Spears concert will raise one more dime to help Republicans take back the House, then I’m glad Cantor’s willing to do it.”

WTF? I’m sure he “suffered” through her performance. Good grief.


It seems Robert Pattinson may have to step up his game against major Hollywood player Sean Penn, if he is to win over Natalie Portman.

The Milk star – who was also recently romantically linked to Lindsay Lohan – was supposedly seen locking lips with Natalie after a private dinner at the Sunset Tower Hotel’s Tower Bar on March 17.

“They went to a bank of elevators that only goes to the spa or to private room,” a source tells Star magazine.

“They came back about 45 minutes later, and that’s when I saw them making out.”

More on Pattinson…

Robert Pattinson has another famous fan – Scarlett Johansson’s husband Ryan Reynolds.

Reynolds – who stars alongside Twilight’s Kristen Stewart in the upcoming comedy flick Adventureland – says he’s a huge fan of the 22-year-old Brit.

He says, “I love Twilight.

“Oh my God are you kidding me? Robert Pattinson in a word – dreamy.”

Ryan also said that he wouldn’t mind doing a film with Pattinson in the future.



Webisodes meet the tube when ABC premieres the TV version of “In the Motherhood” on Thursday night — and ET is behind the scenes.

Cheryl Hines, Megan Mullally and Jessica St. Clair headline the comedy about juggling motherhood, work and love while raising kids that was adapted from the popular Internet series by the same name.


Jamie Lynn Spears is putting off plans to marry boyfriend Casey Aldridge so she can focus on being a “hands on Southern mother”, it’s claimed.

The youngest Spears reportedly planned to marry her baby-daddy following the birth of their daughter Maddie in July 2008 – but after a change of heart, the wedding is off, says a U.S. publication.

A source close to the Spears clan tells OK! magazine, “The wedding’s off. They are still in love, living together and very happy, but they have no plans to get married.”


Rumor has it that Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz are having trouble with their new domestic lifestyle. An insider told Page Six, “Ashlee and Pete are on the rocks. He is going out all the time and she’s stuck at home. It’s just not working.”

A rep for Simpson, who’s currently spending some alone time with her hubby in Australia without baby Bronx Mowgli, said, “This is not true. Everything is fine in their world.”


The Gossip Girl spin-off, set to take off via a 20-minute flashback on the CW series’ May 11 episode, hasn’t even received an official pick-up, but executive producer Josh Schwartz already has a lot of ideas for it.

For instance, according to Schwartz, since the spin-off took place in the 80s when Serena’s (Blake Lively) mom Lily (Kelly Rutherford) was in high school, it’s very possible that she’ll meet and even hang out with several characters from The O.C.

“What we know is [‘OC’ characters] Kirsten Cohen, or Kirsten Nichols as she was born, and Jimmy Cooper lived in Newport Beach in the ’80s,” he said. “So there’s a total possibility that in one episode, Lily could have been friends with Kirsten or Jimmy Cooper when they were young. I would love to do that.”


Lance Armstrong collided with two other bike riders on Monday.

He is now recovering in Austin, Texas, after a five-inch stainless-steel plate and 12 screws were inserted in his collarbone, Armstrong, 37, will be up and at ’em in a week, his doctor says.

“Our goal was to stabilize his fracture as quickly as possible, but in a safe fashion, and then allow Lance to do the things he does best,” Dr. Douglas Elenz says.

As Armstrong’s collarbone mends, his doctor will “advance him off the exercise bike on to the street and take it day-by-day, week-by-week and month-by-month … We’re going to have to allow him to train and even potentially ride with a fracture that is not 100-percent healed.”

Rob Pattinson is a player; Zach Braff pulls a Phelps

David Archuleta will make a duet with Miley Cyrus when he guest stars in TV series “Hannah Montana” later this season. Portraying himself, he will be seen coming to town and asking Miley Stewart to collaborate with him in a song called ” I Wanna Know”.

In regard of his appearance with Miley in the Disney Chanel’s TV series, David claims it as “a real fun episode” and “a really funny too.” He also praises Miley saying, “She’s cool and has a strong personality.”


Robert Pattinson was caught fleeing the scene at an Oscars bash last month with Paris Hilton hot on his heels, it’s claimed.

Entertainmentwise previously reported that the pair were caught cosying up to one another at Rick Yorn and Patrick Weitzell’s Oscar bash on February 22.

But it seems that Paris and Rob’s romantic moment may have been a lot more one-sided than first originally thought.

According to a new report the Brit born actor couldn’t wait to get rid of the heiress and was allegedly seen fleeing the scene with Paris in tow.

A source tells the National Enquirer, “Paris was on a mission – she kept chasing him around like a little puppy.

“He was beyond wasted. He couldn’t keep track of who he was talking to and couldn’t have cared less about her.

“No matter how drunk he was, Rob know better than to hook up with Paris.

Twilight star Robert Pattinson is rumored to be dating Megan Fox.


Robert Pattinson and Natalie Portman have sparked rumors that they are dating.

Who knows?


Michael Phelps isn’t the only high-profile stoner. Zach Braff was caught toking up at the Joel Rousseau Hot Tuesday Night Party at Greenhouse Nightclub in New York yesterday.

Tsk, tsk, Zach. Aren’t all celebrities supposed to be role models? Now that you do drugs, it’s ok for me to do drugs too, right?

Speaking of getting high, Kelloggs has dropped two tons of Frosted Flakes and Corn Flakes boxes with Phelps’ face on them at the San Francisco Food Bank.


Joaquin Phoenix continued his erratic behavior after jumping off stage to confront an audience member during a short performance at a Miami Beach nightclub last night.

Security guards had to drag Joaquin back on stage and escort him away after he came face-to-face with a heckler in the crowd.

We have a (double expletive) in the audience, Joaquin belted out before jumping into the crowd.

It was not immediately clear whether the two men exchanged any blows.

Security guards swarmed the scene and dragged Phoenix away.


Anne Heche now has two different children from two different men. What do the two tykes have in common? They were both named after figures from ancient Greece.

Atlas Heche Tupper was born over the weekend and weighed 6 lbs., 12 oz. The little guy joins big brother Homer to round out the Heche clan.

“They are ecstatic,” the rep says of the new parents.