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Faith, trust, pixie dust and rented piano notes dancing through the air

pixiepianoThe sound of piano keys being pressed down singularly always reminds me of Tinker bell. Tiny pixie feet dancing around and children laughing, that is what piano music reminds me of and so I’ve always loved it.

Someday when my family is in a forever home where we intend to stay I’m going to want to have a piano. Could be a Los Angeles Piano Rentals or A grand piano. A fancy one which will prompt me to want to play. When I was little I could pick up songs by ear and play the melody, but I never learned chords and it’s something that has always interested me.

I remember my Grandmom playing songs for me om the organ they have in her home. It’s something that will stay with me forever, even knowing she is no longer able to play. Musical memories are my favorite, apparently that part of my brain is super sensitive :)

Are there any sounds or moments which bring you a feeling of serenity like the sound of a piano does for me? Something which brings back memories from your childhood?

“Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” – Berthold Auerbach

“Music expresses feeling and thought, without language; it was below and before speech, and it is above and beyond all words.” – Robert G. Ingersoll

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Pricing out your future dream piano

Piano_Keys_warmI know I’ve said it before but someday when I’m all grown up (hush now, I know I’m 32) I really would love to have a piano. Of course for that to happen my family would need a bigger home, and once we win the lottery that will happen. Upon moving into a bigger home the next thing I will pick up will be a Piano Price Guide. Now my son already has a really nice keyboard and I’m sure that would need to remain because it’s important to him. But how stellar would it be to also have a sweet grand piano? Oh yes, someday it will happen. And then when my husband is jamming out on his guitar, I can tinker along on the piano keys. ;)

What do you prefer when listening to new music, the sound of a guitar or the sound of a piano? Perhaps you would prefer to hear both instruments? When artists write a song they always have to think about the sound which includes not just the vocals but also what their base instrument will be. I know a lot of artists who start out submitting a track for a review with piano and then are asked to rock it out a bit more and make it guitar. It’s a tough call, but what are you going to do when you’re trying to produce an album?

There you have it, that’s what needs to happen, we just need to have both pieces available. Every good song needs a remix eventually, right?

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Have you ever participated in CosPlay?

Ok, are you with me or are you wondering what Cosplay is all about? Truth be told, I originally heard the term while reading through a gaming forum. And then I got sucked into all the picture of people in their crazy fandom costume. People get all decked out in costumes of their favorite characters from games they like across console systems. I’m serious.

Say you’re super into Final Fantasy.. well then you’d be like this chick who posted herself as Shiva Nix from Final Fantasy 13 on Gamersbin.com. And what is further impressive is that these people usually make the costumes and handle the makeup and go all out completely on their own. I mean there is tons of time, money and research done on this stuff. This is not child’s play… no. it’s CosPlay. :)

I for one simply love Halloween, but for people into CosPlay they can prepare costumes multiple times each year and their costumes are no joke. They are hardcore costumes that take hours to put on and people will come up to them and have pictures take with them. I’ve done this with my own kids at the Philadelphia Comic Con. When you see something impressive, you want your picture taken with it, even someone you think you would point and laugh at..you don’t laugh, you actually say “Wow, that’s pretty awesome.”

Anonymous or not, what game are you so into that you would create a costume and get decked out if you could?

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How did I become a shoe person? Sexy shoes no less!

See, it’s like this, I never thought I had a problem with shoes. I was never one of those girls who went shoe shopping. I’ve never even been one of those girls who liked to go shopping. For one I don’t like malls, they are always too crowded and people walk too slow, they get in my way and it frustrates me, I have to walk around them and it’s annoying. And then there is the whole…you know, money issue. Who has it!?

But then came along those lovely sites where you can get shoes that are picked out just for you. Ah! How did I get sucked in? I totally did! It’s like those magazines when I was a teen and they had the personality type quizzes with the multiple choice which were always spot on. Totally knew I was going to marry Kirk Cameron (when he was Mike Seaver from Growing Pains) anyway I digress.

ShoeDazzle has this quiz, you fill it out, it figures out your personality and then matches shoes to you. How does it do this, I don’t know! And how did it turn a non-shopping, non-shoe person into someone who now thinks 4-inch heels are adorable!?

WHAT has become of me!?

Everything is just $39.95. Join now and get 20% off your first ShoeDazzle item!

So, The ones pictured here were just emailed and not only are they adorable but because these people know my personality… they also know I’m going to totally get suckered into the fact that 100% of the profits go to the Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles. Ah! So for under $50 I can get shoes that will look amazing, my husband will absolutely think are SO SEXY and they are going to add so much to my closet because I will be able to wear them even with jeans. I mean when you get heels like this I have found out who you can dress up even jeans if you wear a sexy tube top.

ShoeDazzle, I love you, but you’re killing me! Haha.