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Addicted to Facebook Chat Stickers

stickersIt’s time I confess something to all of you. It’s pretty weird.

I am obsessed with Facebook stickers.

frozenSeriously, I really like them. Whomever is busy crafting these cute, sometimes gross (like the vomit face my husband just sent me), always very clever…well I applaud you because I think they are fantastic. I wish I could send them in posts and  not just in the private messages because I would. I would so do that all the time and people would be like “Where are you getting all those cool images?” And I would say, “Oh they are Facebook stickers and they are adorbs!”

The new Lego Mini Figures are animated and very fun. They have a new set of Disney Frozen stickers, too. Love them!

So there you have it, Facebook Sticker Lover right here.

Don’t judge!

Cute name, cute app and it’s mobile

MeetMoi screenIt makes sense to me that the matchmakers would decide to go mobile. There are far too many match making sites already on the interwebs right now, the competition is as thick ad theives and well so is the match making market for those single people out there. If you’re not seeing the ads online then you are seeing them on TV. So I’m not surprised to see MeetMoi in the Android Market touting itself “The Mobile Matchmaker.”

The MeetMoi Android app obviously is pretty light weight, it has to be, otherwise it wouldn’t be in the android store and people wouldn’t download it. It allows you to read profiles, chat with people, view your history if you want to go back and see who you have written off or would like to give a second chance and you can do all of this with your smart phone, on the go.

You sign up for free and fill out a quick profile. Upload your photo and give the app some time to do its thing; just like any other match making database. Matches to your own personal profile are automatically pushed right to your phone. Since MeetMoi is mobile you have the option to turn on GeoLocation and have push notifications sent to your phone is a match is nearby so you can start chatting.

Sidenote: The system is programmed to NEVER share your location, it is always ultimately up to you if you want to physically meet with the person you are matched up with.

Honestly, after checking out the app myself, even though I am happily married, it was definitely very easy to use. It’s a brilliant idea, one of the first in the mobile match making systems which makes sense, works well and I think will actually hook people up. If you’re single and want to meet people nearby with similar interests give it a try; MeetMoi!

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This post brought to you by MeetMoi. All opinions are 100% mine.

Amazon + Facebook = Trouble

This has nothing to do with the privacy issues everyone likes to complain about. If you are on Facebook or MySpace or any other sort of network you just have to be aware that you are publicizing your personal information. So get over the privacy whining.

I love Amazon and I love Facebook, but I see nothing valuable coming from all that intense interlinking. What I see happening is both Amazon and Facebook making more money off us. And I understand the marketing, the advertising, the economic schemes involved but speaking as a blogger and site owner who makes pennies off of 1,000 impressions and 2 clicks all I can surmise now is that two big companies will now be making it even more difficult for me and other like minded bloggers to try and profit. And why? I mean we have to struggle for years with fresh content to gain any sort of page rank. We don’t buy keywords or text links, we just write and network until our fingertips are raw.

Yes, I rant.

Facebook and Amazon have now made my “side job” far more difficult.

The marketable claims of this new found friendship between Amazon and Facebook are:

This integration will also help you figure out what kinds of gifts your friends might like by letting you better search for your Facebook friends’ Amazon Wish Lists and by pulling in information from your friends’ profiles. Of course, it will remind you of Facebook friends’ birthdays, too. It will show you interests you have in common with your friends, and it will show you which items are popular with all the people in your social graph.

SOURCE: Mashable.com

Futurama critiques modern gadget and social media obsession using 1950s technology video — Engadget

Like gadgets? Ever stand in line for one or over-consume just to slake your obsession? Yeah, us too. Then prepare for a humorous yet brutal look at yourselves, and the impact of your lifestyle, in the newest Futurama episode that aired tonight on Comedy Central television. We suggest curling up into a protective fetal position before clicking through for the video scraps.

Futurama critiques modern gadget and social media obsession using 1950s technology video — Engadget.

Brizzly is cuddly social fun

Would you like to have a picnic with me? If you know my e-mail address then you can. I’m going to try out Brizzly. And create a “Friends” picnic where I can have a special place with those gals I’d like to be silly with. So far I have only invited Nikki, but we’ll see if this turns into anything productive or cuddly socially fun.

Well, I just created an account and I’m already a little bit lost. It was easy enough to add other social networks and I started with twitter and facebook. So now what and how is this any different then FriendFeed? Or other compilation hybrids?

Brizzly Picnics put you in control of who sees what you say and where. It’s group chat, but it’s much more than that! You can do what you’ve been doing on other social networks – sharing links, posting photos & videos, making jokes, having conversations – t with specific groups of people.

Create a picnic with your family to share all that stuff you normally email to one another. Have a picnic with your friends to post the funny YouTube videos you used to put on your wall. Set up a picnic for your coworkers to share information during the workday. You can even talk one-on-one with someone in a picnic by starting a side conversation with her or him.

Facebook execs feeling the heat?

According to news reports, Facebook has called an “all hands” meeting today to discuss its privacy policies. That’s because they are facing a brewing revolt among Facebook users alarmed by the company’s cavalier attitude toward protecting your privacy.

In recent months, Facebook has rolled out some very privacy-unfriendly practices, from the “privacy transition” that took away privacy controls to “instant personalization” that instantly shares your personal information with third party pages without your consent.

At every step, the ACLU has been there to push back. Why? Because the less control you have over your own personal information, the more likely that information could end up in the wrong hands—including the government’s.

Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg has claimed that “the default is social.” That means Facebook starts from the assumption that your personal information will be distributed far and wide without your consent. But, tens of thousands of you have signed the ACLU petition to make it clear that you want to share with your friends, not a spying government.

Facebook is feeling the heat. It’s time to hold the company’s feet to the fire and take back control of our personal information.

Sign an online petition here >>