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Faith, trust, pixie dust and rented piano notes dancing through the air

pixiepianoThe sound of piano keys being pressed down singularly always reminds me of Tinker bell. Tiny pixie feet dancing around and children laughing, that is what piano music reminds me of and so I’ve always loved it.

Someday when my family is in a forever home where we intend to stay I’m going to want to have a piano. Could be a Los Angeles Piano Rentals or A grand piano. A fancy one which will prompt me to want to play. When I was little I could pick up songs by ear and play the melody, but I never learned chords and it’s something that has always interested me.

I remember my Grandmom playing songs for me om the organ they have in her home. It’s something that will stay with me forever, even knowing she is no longer able to play. Musical memories are my favorite, apparently that part of my brain is super sensitive :)

Are there any sounds or moments which bring you a feeling of serenity like the sound of a piano does for me? Something which brings back memories from your childhood?

“Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” – Berthold Auerbach

“Music expresses feeling and thought, without language; it was below and before speech, and it is above and beyond all words.” – Robert G. Ingersoll

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Day dreaming about puppy dogs

doggishWe lost our doggie over two years ago and since then my middle child, Finn, has brought up the idea of getting a new dog on more than one occasion. However, my husband says we have to wait until we have a bigger home with a larger yard and therefore our Finn has stuffed animals.

Even so every now and then I go to those websites that allow you to look through galleries of adorable puppy dog faces (Check out this Puppy Website) and I get all squishy inside waiting and hoping for a puppy dog to come home and just not leave.

The best place for me to look is Doggish.com because it’s an Australian website and therefore I won’t get all super attached since I live here in the US of A. Anyway, the great thing about Doggish is that they absolutely do not advertise any pups that come from those puppy breeding farms which is wonderful.

Our Mya was a maltese. She lived a rather long life and was super silly almost until her very last breath.

Doggish.com doesn’t just woo you with their cute dog photos they also tell you things you need to know like what to look for in  breeder and even tips before your search actually begins.

So now that my lunch break is over I should probably just stop day dreaming about doggies and get back to work.

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Ooooo did the Who’s down in Whoville have a Sousaphone Case?

sousaphonegallery__15580.1375980409.220.220You know all the crazy instruments in the Grinch that the Whos all play while strolling through the Whoville streets to celebrate? Haven’t you ever wondered where they put all those instruments while they are eating or wrapping presents? is there even an instrument case FOR a Seussaphone or rather a sousaphone ;)

My husband, the drummer turned guitarist who hangs all his guitars on our basement wall, he does have a guitar case, too. Although someone painted it with the faces of KISS band members so it’s not something you want to run into in the basement when it’s dark and you’re looking for the socks your toddler just threw down there.

So yes, there are instrument cases for the Whos down in Whoville. They are made with heavy gauge steel ball corners with plywood casing and a die cut foam inside to protect all their fancy music makers. Of course they also all have wheels because they can then ride on the cases while playing their tubas and trumpets and who-sa-whatzits! It will be a magical party, a fantastical holiday shindig and once it is time to sit down and fuel back up they can sit on those sturdy cases and chow down on their roast beast because the thick plastic laminate on the outside will protect the instruments on the inside while also making the instrument case easy to clean.

It’s perfect!


A mixer case is not a vehicle for a drink, this I know for sure


Creating music is not my thing. Writing about music, listening to music, being enveloped by music yes all of those are my thing, but not creating music. So when it comes to a decent carrying case I will default to what I know from my husband, because when it comes to music all of the above are his…

For Christmas and for his birthday I purchased mixing equipment for my husband because he wants to record music. Being a solo artist he would record layers of music individually and then put it all together, he’s talented like that ;) So he asked for a carpeted mixing case and a carrying case for the cords. Both items of which he needed for all his musical stuffs.

He chose a carrying case that is pretty compact and yes also carpeted because let’s face it that is just more attractive sitting in the lower level of our home attached to all his cords, computers and devices.

I’m not going to pretend to know anymore that what I’ve already shared, but I can tell you when he sits there working on music (the slim seconds he has chances to do so) he’s in his element and it’s great to see him that way. I might be biased but I think he’s a wicked guitarist and can pick up any song he listens to regularly. I’ll not be surprised when he records his first complete track and it sounds amazing. :)

Plan a dinner date night in Arizona

buildingsky3webMy husband and I went to a a show at a local theater one year for our anniversary. It was broadway in nature and we had an amazing time. We heard tons of music by the original Rat Pack sung by artists who knew the crew very well. We had a blast! Prior to going to the show we had an amazing delicious dinner at an attached five star hotel.

So if you happen to be in Arizona and want to do the very same thing for your upcoming anniversary then I absolutely highly suggest doing so at the Arizona Dinner Theatre. In fact right now you can see a broadway-esque showing of the Alice in Wonderland story which you will for sure love! Dinner theaters in Arizona have about eight different shows planned each year and you can buy tickets in advance to plan for a special weekend.

If Alice in Wonderland is not your thing you can find other showings including Hairspray, Secret Garden, Young Frankenstein, Peter Pan and then even something really out there like The Angry Housewives.

Just imagine being surprised with tickets to see one of these great shows. You can buy a fancy dress and pair of shoes, wow your boyfriend or husband and then feel like a queen for the night. Just make sure you always help him to feel like a king for the night. In fact… if it’s not a total surprise and you have some time beforehand to buy him a new pair of boxers… just kidding how about new cologne or a nice tie. Or better yet you can be the one to plan the dinner before the show and/or get a room at a nearby hotel and splurge for a special suite.


The best candid captures happen in photo booths

If ever I am able to become an esteemed photographer at events, which I would love to be able to make a living off of as many of you know, having my own photo booth would be a must.

Last year I went to a wedding and the photo booth has props so we were able to get some really hilarious shots of guests. But what made it even cooler is that it printed a duplicate of the photo strip which means the guest kept one and the other strip was pasted into a guestbook. How cool is that!?

Just imagine if you were able to buy a photo booth and then bring it to kids parties, I mean come on, you can’t get any cuter than kids cheesing it up for the camera. Plus, if you add a box full of props with glasses, hats, boas or even cat ears it would just make the photos even better. With Halloween just around the corner you could definitely get a great deal on props after the fact.

I know when I bring my kids into the office they always want me to use the web cam to take pictures of them being all silly, so I am positive an actual booth would be a hit.

Let’s face it, having a photographer is great but there is no way to capture photo booth shots without a photo booth because when a guest enters and can just relax and be silly you finally get some great pictures of them in their own candid element.


What to do when piano shopping

Example of a used Yamaha piano for sale with Sherman Clay

How many of you are subscribers or followers of those Mommy blogs which list bargains, deals, freebies and other money saving tips, like a Used Yamaha Piano which is what this particular post is about?

Since you can’t see me, I’m letting you know I have raised both hands.

Getting newsletters or Facebook updates from the sites produced by Moms (or Dads) who understand the importance of saving money has truly helped me to save money year round. This is why since I have a money saving tip I’m going to throw it on here to let you all know about it.

I’ve mentioned before how musical my family is, myself being the exception. Finn dances around, plays on the drums, plays on his paper guitar and totally jams out, he is only three years old. My husband Brian plays guitar, he used to be in bands but as you can imagine it’s difficult to continue doing that with young kids in the house and a full-time job. Then we have Brae, he will be 9 years old soon, he is into all things musical everything included int his paragraph AND piano.

Santa brought him a keyboard for Christmas last year. As Santa’s helpers, we did some research of our own on pianos and keyboards. One particular money saving option was to find one used. Used Yamaha Pianos are easy enough to come by but if you want one you can trust you need to find an actual Used Yamaha Piano seller and not just cross your fingers with a stranger.