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Cupcakes and Funky Wunders

Fun fact of the day, this morning a plane landed on the New Jersey turnpike due to an emergency. It was a one-engine traffic plane. They then had to tow it up the turnpike. The turnpike was closed during this process and for those of you still stuck in the stand still…happy Monday.

Do you think cupcakes are cool? I know I do. Yum!

Here’s a gift idea for your Valentine. A nifty “Cupcakes Are Cool” t-shirt from DOTS (Dressing on the Side) on Etsy. Description, “Cupcakes are in the middle of all happy memories not to mention they are the easiest sweet treat to take anywhere. Plus, almost a guarantee that when you’re enjoying a cupcake–you’ll be at the best birthday party evah.

Amazing and LIMITED pen and ink artwork silkscreened on a supersoft(garment washed for a super soft hand) white womens basic crewneck t-shirt in 100 percent cotton jersey by Alternative Apparel.”

“DRESSiNG oN THE SiDE” means you’re in control of what you wear… so why not wear something way cool?! Late at night (when you’re peacefully snoozing) we think up our pen and ink designs and early in the morning we silkscreen them on the softest t-shirts known to man.

And for those of you with a baby Valentine this year. Don’t forget to get them something lovely to wear. Here is a “Hug and Kisses” baby hat for your love! “Soft, stretchy, and oh, so comfortable bright red-hued hand knit hat with cabled band and light brown needle felted X O symbols.”

The hat is from Funky Wunder’s Etsy shop. Interesting tidbit about Funky Wunder…their favorite materials to work with are “rocks, pebbles, silver, leather, textiles, and yarn.” Go figure. As long as they make cute hats like this available they can play with all the pebbles they want!

Cracking me up! Fuzz Aldrin…

Ex-Boyfriend T-Shirt titled "Fuzz Aldrin"
Here is a new addition to the Ex-Boyfriend t-shirt site, Fuzz Aldrin was the first kitty to visit space. His intergalactic adventures are famous among the kitties. Sport this astronaut cat to show your love for the fuzz.

Ex-Boyfriend is an apparel company based in Baltimore, Maryland featuring original illustrations by artist Matt Snow. The brand’s name was inspired by Matt’s first t-shirt designs, which featured Matt’s signature catch-phrase “I’d rather be making out,” a playful take on traditional tees and bumper stickers that usually say things like “I’d rather be golfing” or “I’d rather be fishing.”

“I liked the idea of t-shirts as conversation pieces, tees you could wear to a bar that would encourage that cute guy or girl next to you to actually say hello and ask you about your shirt. I wanted a brand name that would be a little flirty, provocative, sexy and cute. Something that reflected my design aesthetic.”
– Matt Snow

5% of all net profit generated by the sale of Ex-Boyfriend products goes directly to the upkeep and continued operation of various local (Baltimore-area) animal rescue organizations and shelters, including the Maryland SPCA and Last Chance Animal Rescue.

* Save 15% on tees, hoodies and messenger bags at Ex-Boyfriend today with coupon code HAPPYNY

The Office Design a t-shirt contest and more

Dzine Blog has a list of 20 Beautiful Christmas Icon Sets. I for one love the Polar Express inspired set and am trying to think of something fun to use them with. Any ideas?


BittBox re-released 18-high resolution Photoshop brushes for download today.


In case you still need gift tags and packaging ideas, you can find a mother lode of options over at Tipnut, including a link to even more from Sugarloop.


Get your creative juices flowing and create a one of a kind t-shirt design with The Office as its theme and submit this to NBC’s The Office T-Shirt Design Contest.

The winner will be picked by the show’s producers, but visitors of the site can help them narrow it down by voting for their favorites design. The top three most popular artwork will be shortlisted as “finalists” from which the producers can pick the best. The chosen design will be sold at the NBC Store.


Tell me you have always wanted to know how to enhance a to-do-list… Well if you have then Query7 has a tutorial for you.


And here is a fun link on making blurry background effects using CSS.


I think you’ll find this list interesting as well, 2008 Most Popular Design posts, Tutorials and Resources. In their showcase, you’ll find a variety of articles and posts from the most interesting web-design/development-related web-sites published in 2008.

T-Shirt Design Competition

“The current theme this time is: I Am Thinking..

To celebrate Allmightys one year anniversary, we are launching an open t-shirt design ideas competition. We want your ideas, about anything and everything. Show us what you are thinking, what interests you and what we should be thinking. Anything goes!”

Submission Deadline: 11th February 2008, 23.00 GMT

Once the winner is announced and the shirts are created portions of the proceeds will be given to cancer research. As for the winner’s prize, it is pretty much ongoing, every 3 months commissions they have made on the sales of their t-shirts.

Sounds like a sweet deal to me, so jump on it!