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Be the Buffy to your Vampire Energy

vampire-energyDid you know billions of dollars are wasted each year on electricity for appliances in homes that are “turned off?”

Yesterday, the Earth Day Network introduced their first action of the series: Slaying Vampire Energy. Even when appliances are turned off, they still consume electricity, called “Vampire Energy.” Each year, vampire energy is estimated to cost US consumers $11 billion. Since the majority of electricity is produced by fossil fuel power plants, vampire energy is also responsible for millions of tons of carbon dioxide emissions each year!

Fortunately, there are several easy steps we can take to cut down on vampire energy. Unplug appliances and chargers when they are not in use, plug appliances into power strips, which can be easily turned on and off with one button, or replace old appliances with energy efficient models.

Make the pledge to reduce the amount of electricity wasted in your home today! Tell your friends! And be sure to engage with the Earth Day Network on Twitter: #ActOfGreen.

Recycle and reuse, even old NES Cartridges

The old school Nintendo game cartridge turned into a wireless router has brought out such the geek in me. Hehe.

I read the article this morning on Engadget and love the idea of re-purposing an old cartridge for modern times.

If you would like to know how to build one yourself there is a link at Instructables.com courtesy of the brilliant minds of the Unconventional Hacker. The instructions even include a custom made retro Nintendo label for you to add to the finished unit. How cool is that!?

Whitehouse.gov Changes

“Let us be the generation that reshapes our economy to compete in the digital age. Let’s set high standards for our schools and give them the resources they need to succeed. Let’s recruit a new army of teachers, and give them better pay and more support in exchange for more accountability. Let’s make college more affordable, and let’s invest in scientific research, and let’s lay down broadband lines through the heart of inner cities and rural towns all across America.”

— Barack Obama, Springfield, IL, February 10 ,2007

President Barack Obama is in office now, and the White House website, WhiteHouse.gov, has a brand new look. At noon (GMT), the website of former president George W. Bush, was replaced by an updated, sleeker website that states:

“WhiteHouse.gov will be a central part of President Obama’s pledge to make his the most transparent and accountable administration in American history.”

There is a new blog section with posts already up and online which tout President Obama’s key media plans. There are three key priorities: communication, transparency and participation.

He states his views on privacy as well. Specifically he says his administration intends to, “Strengthen privacy protections for the digital age and harness the power of technology to hold government and business accountable for violations of personal privacy.”

I look forward to reading the post entries at the new blog and I think this is a great start to his presidency in terms of his plans for technology.

Laser Backpack Not For Killing

And I thought laser guns were still a ways off in to the future. Not so. Today I came across this German company which uses the Clean Laser System to clean without chemicals. An ultra compact laser mounted on a tech’s back pumps a 20 watt beam of light to vaporize substances such as oil, grease and paint. It’s non abrasive so it’s safe to use on many different surfaces. But, it’s a portable laser gun..you know someone’s got a jacked up version of this.

Clean Laser.

A Chip In Your Shoulder

Recently the Department of Defense has granted $1.6 million to the Center for Bioelectronics, Biosensors and Biochips at Clemson University towards the research and development of a chip that would be be implanted into a U.S soldier to monitor vital signs.
About the size of a grain of rice, the chips would ideally be capable of detecting oxygen and glucose levels in tissue. The device has other long-term potential applications, such as monitoring astronauts’ vital signs during long-duration space flights and reading blood-sugar levels for diabetics. Researchers estimate the chip is approximately 5 years from human trials.

Clemson University.

Oil & Water

Picture this, a bendable OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) screen technology which would use oil and water to produce images. Oooo…Ahhhh.

Clearer images and lower amounts of power used are the benefits to this technology. Removing the need for a backlight means thinner displays, AND the possibility of creating displays that can be rolled up.

There are limitations right now because these screens are hard to make. But the hope is that by the year 2010, there will be “289 million active-matrix OLED displays annually.”

Sounds good to me, I think a roll-up display would be wicked awesome!

Pottery Barn is for the geeks

No, really, I’m serious.

It’s called the Bedford Smart Collection.

One example here is the Bedford Smart Recharge Station. “Smart Technology seamlessly connects you to high-tech accessories by keeping electronics and cords discreet while also organizing and holding household items.”

Or check out the Bedford Smart Wall Shelf. Yep. It has speakers embedded into the shelf. You can “set the tone with our speaker shelf, which plays music through two stereo-quality speakers and connects to your MP3 player.”

It’s all fabulous isn’t it? Now if only it weren’t so damn expensive then maybe they’d be on to something.