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The Boss and Thursday tunes

Not really much of a write up for you today, but I do have some songs to share. And news on some of the entertainment in store for President Obama’s Inauguration. Sources told the Post’s Lena Sun that Bruce Springsteen will perform at Barack Obama’s inauguration week welcome event January 18, 2008 on the National Mall. The event will be on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and open to the public for free. The Boss has been a bigtime Obama backer and they campaigned together in Cleveland during the general election.

Now for some tunes:
Au Revoir Simone – “Here Is The News” (mp3)
Here We Go Magic – “Tunnelvision” (mp3)
The Online Romance – “Ladybug, Don’t Smile” (mp3)
Squares On Both Sides – “Goodbye To The Trees” (mp3)
Bosque Brown – “Went Walking” (mp3)