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Lab glass lamps

Victoria Vintage Home has such a plethora of tempting hone accents and furniture. It’s almost dangerous for me to look through their website. The will power it requires not to want to make a purchase!

They have repurposed a variety of old lab glass in turned them into lamps.
The price ranges from $65-$105.

They also have very cool mobiles that are in bright colors to make a room look fun and artsy. Love it, love it!

Moon System Sofa

I want to crawl right into this picture and lay down! This sofa looks so comfortable. You could curl yourself right in there with a blanket and go to sleep.

“A continuous shape, a blend of aesthetics and ergonomics: Moon System expresses the perfect combination of B&B Italia’s tendency towards experimentation and the ongoing research into the complexity of curved geometry of world-famous architect Zaha Hadid.”

This is one of B&B Italia’s latest designs. It was thought up by architect Zaha Hadid who is always pushing the limits of design. Her mind is just a fount of creative genius! She is brilliant!

Fire Up A Rainbow

Don’t get tired of those bland white flamed candles – you can spice up your life with colored flames from Rainbow Moments. Choose candles that display green, orange or purple flames – sexaay. They even have lamp oil for you that will have your lamp shooting out purple flames! The Rainbow Drip is a candle that melts wax of different colors. SEXAY!. Use them for all kinds of moments – birthdays, dinners or sexay time.

Rainbow Moments.

Promote your design

You can’t just carry a business card around attached to a pin or on a necklace. Promoting your business is one thing, but waving it in someones face is quite another.

And now that it’s illegal to put signs on along the road for an extended period of time, at least here in Delaware you can get fined, it’s hard to find affordable means of advertising or marketing yourself.

I have an online portfolio of my work, but I’m sure it doesn’t show up in the top of the Google search results. (And quite frankly I’m afraid to look).

So, it might be interesting to see how magnetic signs for your car would work. Lord knows there is quite enough traffic around here for enough people to see it. I’ve seen Real Estate Signs stuck magnetically to people’s cars with their broker information and their contact information.

Places like BuildASign allow you to choose a magnetic sign size, customize the look of it, and order it very quickly and easily. I wonder what the stats of this type of promotional material are and if they allow you to get really artsy with the customization. I’m going to have to give it a look. =o)

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Mini collages ala Greeting cards

Lisa Congdon is synonymous with fabulous design.

She is self taught and works in several mediums, including paper collage, screen-printing, ink, textiles, and paint.

I am anti-collage, always have been, until now. I very much appreciate the collages Lisa Congdon puts together. Every texture, color and shape is pieced together into this exquisite artwork that would give people something to talk about for hours.

The photo shows mini collages, and look how each one is similar yet very different. Can you imagine starting with a blank slate and then putting random things together and creating something so artsy? It’s just awesome.

She also recently created pretty sweet inked greeting cards. The only problem being I wouldn’t want to mail them! I’d frame them!

You can see all of her artwork on Flickr. And you can buy her artwork at her store online or at the candy store, reform school and doe san francisco.

Curl up into my chair

As the time grows more near to actually being a home owner, it is imperative that I become even more obsessed with interior design and home furnishing. Haha.

And so welcome to Jadora. They say their “goal is to provide something new to the furniture market without forgoing the essence of tradition.”

There is a delightful Curio dresser, but could also be used as a buffet table. The website gives this description…”The versatility of the Curio Dresser allows for use as a buffet or bedroom dresser. Top keepsake boxes lift to reveal hidden storage for either serving pieces or jewelry. Top drawers pull out; bottom compartments open from top.”

But my favorite piece on the site is their giant armchair. I love it and wish I could crawl into my monitor right now and curl into the seat. =o) There is a matching sofa and ottoman, but my heart belongs to the armchair and if ever I own it…well…it will be MY seat. You know what I mean? Haha.

Gracious, I need to start making some extra money. Haha.