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Making up and playing music

Without confirmation I am feeling rather certain Jennifer Garner is pregnant with baby number two. I think Violet will make a lovely big sister, don’t you?


My girl Brit has been trying super hard to repair her reputation. While doing so she is looking more and more healthy. But how is she doing it?

Well, she signed up to a $22,000-a-month diet and exercise regime, [including] $10,000-a-month on a nutritionist and diet supplements,$8,000 on a personal trainer and $4,000 on a private dance choreographer.


John McCain can count on the C&W vote. Country music man and “Nashville Star” judge John Rich, of multiplatinum country duo Big & Rich, has penned a campaign anthem, “Raisin’ McCain,” to rally the redneck nation behind the Republican presidential nominee. The song will debut tomorrow night when Rich hosts the Country First Concert in Panama City, Fla., which will feature an appearance by McCain himself. Meanwhile, rapper Ludacris has composed a tune for Barack Obama that’s more trash-talking than melody. “Politics: Obama Is Here” slams Hillary Clinton as an “irrelevant bitch,” McCain as old, and President Bush as “mentally handicapped.” The rant has been condemned by Obama.


The geeky, computer nerd, counterpart and female star of “24” Mary Lynn Rajskub finally gave birth to a boy last Thursday after waiting for more than 42 weeks. Sorry for being late on that one guys but I was on vacation last week.


Ryan Gosling made his deejay debut Tuesday night at Green Door lounge in Hollywood, with a surprising guest in the crowd – his ex-girlfriend Rachel McAdams.

Arriving at 9 p.m., the actor settled into what is said to be a weekly gig at the lounge’s Tuesday jazz night. McAdams arrived later “supporting Ryan,” says a Gosling pal.

I would love to see these two back together!


The 40 Year Old Virgin co-stars Steve Carell and Seth Rogen are to reteam for a new Ghostbusters movie, according to Internet reports. Woohoo! I hope this doesn’t meant it will be too spoofy.


Lori Loughlin hardly looks old enough to be one of the parents on The CW’s updated version of “90210,” but the former “Full House” star tells ET she has three children — one of whom is 16 — so she is definitely in the ballpark when it comes to age.

Though I’d be worried if I were CW because every show Lori stars in ends up crashing and burning by the end of the season.

More twins and baby shark drama

The Happening star Mark Wahlberg revealed to that he and his fiance, model Rhea Durham, will be expecting their third child, a boy, “around the third of September.”

The couple are already parents to 4-year-old Ella and 2-year-old Michael.


Ryan Seacrest was bit by a shark this past weekend.

We’re told that the Idol host was at a nearby beach in the L.A. area when he was bit by a baby shark on his foot.

The sea creature even left a little tooth behind as a souvenir.


More celeb baby twins…

Congratulations to Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O’Connel!

The couple, who got married last summer, are expecting their first children together.

It was confirmed this morning that they are going to be having twins.

The babies are due this winter.


Shia LaBeouf is in trouble again. He was arrested for suspicion of DUI after crashing his pickup into another car early Sunday morning. His two passengers suffered minor injuries while Shia required surgery on his hand at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.


“The Dark Knight” continues to obliterate box office records, crossing the $300 million mark in just 10 days.

I saw it yesterday with my hubster and it is an amazing flick. I loved every minute of it, darkness and all.

Panasonic is renewing Shakira

Yes, I know Shakira is hot. I’m not blind.

But why in the world would Panasonic ask her to promote their brand?
What in God’s name were they thinking?
And why does it look like she doesn’t have any arms in this photo?

But the press release says this marketing ploy is to target the Latin American market. And so perhaps Shakira isn’t such a bad choice.

Shakira’s first appearance will be in ads for new models of LUMIX digital still cameras. The recent commercials have been filmed in the Bahamas and Shakira will represent Panasonic until March of 2008.


Sara’s Got Milk

So Callie isn’t my favorite Grey’s Anatomy chica, but she’s sassy and seems to be pretty comfortable in her own skin. I believe this even more now that she is the latest woman to be featured in a Got Milk? campaign.

Look how hot Sara Ramirez looks in her red dress with her milk moustache. You gotta like a girl who has curves and wears them well. That dress is killer on her, I’m jealous.

The little blurb she wrote for the ad says:

“In show business your figure, well, shows. That’s why I drink milk. Studies suggest the nutrients in milk can play an important role in maintaining a healthy weight. Staying active, eating right, and drinking 24 ounces of low fat or fat free milk a day helps you look your best. Bravo.”

All I can say is “You Go Girl!.”

Keeping up with the brities

Cele-brities that is…

You know you all do it. Maybe you aren’t looking for celebrity gossip online, but how many of you can honestly say that you don’t read the tabloids in the aisle of the grocery store or department store? Hmmm? Oh you know do you.

Well for people like me, who would spend 24 hours on her computer if she could, it’s fun for me to see what the latest celebrity gossip is and trust me when I say it is NOT hard to find. There I go comparing the aisles of super markets to the web, hahaha.

You may not be comfortable discussing the latest hearsay with those behind you in line, but when it comes to the Internet you can easily comment on what people are saying. It’s so wrong to gossip, and half the things you hear are bologna but it’s still entertaining. Especially celebrity gossip sites that aggregate all the latest news out on the web and allow readers to not only comment, but to also vote on their favorite stories.

The hot celebrity gossip online right now is of course all about Paris Hilton and her latest fan letters. Head on over and check it out.

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