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Panasonic is renewing Shakira

Yes, I know Shakira is hot. I’m not blind.

But why in the world would Panasonic ask her to promote their brand?
What in God’s name were they thinking?
And why does it look like she doesn’t have any arms in this photo?

But the press release says this marketing ploy is to target the Latin American market. And so perhaps Shakira isn’t such a bad choice.

Shakira’s first appearance will be in ads for new models of LUMIX digital still cameras. The recent commercials have been filmed in the Bahamas and Shakira will represent Panasonic until March of 2008.


Sara’s Got Milk

So Callie isn’t my favorite Grey’s Anatomy chica, but she’s sassy and seems to be pretty comfortable in her own skin. I believe this even more now that she is the latest woman to be featured in a Got Milk? campaign.

Look how hot Sara Ramirez looks in her red dress with her milk moustache. You gotta like a girl who has curves and wears them well. That dress is killer on her, I’m jealous.

The little blurb she wrote for the ad says:

“In show business your figure, well, shows. That’s why I drink milk. Studies suggest the nutrients in milk can play an important role in maintaining a healthy weight. Staying active, eating right, and drinking 24 ounces of low fat or fat free milk a day helps you look your best. Bravo.”

All I can say is “You Go Girl!.”

Keeping up with the brities

Cele-brities that is…

You know you all do it. Maybe you aren’t looking for celebrity gossip online, but how many of you can honestly say that you don’t read the tabloids in the aisle of the grocery store or department store? Hmmm? Oh you know do you.

Well for people like me, who would spend 24 hours on her computer if she could, it’s fun for me to see what the latest celebrity gossip is and trust me when I say it is NOT hard to find. There I go comparing the aisles of super markets to the web, hahaha.

You may not be comfortable discussing the latest hearsay with those behind you in line, but when it comes to the Internet you can easily comment on what people are saying. It’s so wrong to gossip, and half the things you hear are bologna but it’s still entertaining. Especially celebrity gossip sites that aggregate all the latest news out on the web and allow readers to not only comment, but to also vote on their favorite stories.

The hot celebrity gossip online right now is of course all about Paris Hilton and her latest fan letters. Head on over and check it out.

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Bring the beach to you

Crafty people will enjoy this, but so will those of you out there who are perhaps a bit craft-challenged.

Today is the first day of summer so think beaches, vacations, Sandcastles and summer fun.

Need a little help with the imagination flow? Go to the Beaches Family Resorts website and they bring the sounds of the shore to your desktop. Seagulls and ocean waves all you need is the sand beneath your feet and you are set.

This is such a cool feature on their site, but before I tell you about it go grab your kids because they are going to love this. Visitors to the site get to build their own Sandcastles online. It’s easy peasy to do, just follow the instruction and click away. When you are done it gets saved in a gallery and you get to name it! Plus you can also send it to your friends via email or you can save it as the wallpaper on the computer. So cool!

This is what mine looks like, I named it “Casa Crumbles” hahahaha…I crack myself up.

See how cute it is and there are many different ways to design your e-card. You can even add extras to it once your done. There are beach balls, flags, even a hermit crab! And while you wait for the Sandcastle to save there is a little beach ball you can hit around the screen to entertain yourself. =o)

Curiouser and curiouser

Isaiah Washington broke his silence about being fired from Grey’s Anatomy.

“Shonda Rhimes called me on Thursday of last week and told me that I would not be returning to the show,” Washington says. “Just like she personally called me and invited me to the show. It was full circle.”

Things got ugly after he apparently made a prejudiced comment to castmate T.R. Knight in regards to his sexuality. Washington apologized and went to a rehab to help him with anger management. But apparently ABC still considers him a liability and did not renew his contract for season four.

This explains the absurd ending to season three. In which Washington’s character broke up with his fiancĂ©e, Christina Yang (Sandra Oh) on their wedding day. It followed suit with the entire episode where nothing went well and everyone was depressed. Lovely.