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I could be a squirrel

I now understand why those cute, yet frightening little squirrels like acorns so much. This morning I have found myself enjoying an acorn as well…The Acorn. Their most recent EP was released on December 2, 2006, under the Paper Bag Records label which is the Stars record label as well. A full length album is said to release this coming Fall 2007.

Their sound is nothing short of enchantingly melodic. Original. Multiple instruments to pick out of their collection. The attention to detail in each song I have heard so far is just insane. And please believe me when I tell you that by “insane” I mean the highest of incredible compliments!

Here, take a listen to “Plates & Saucers” and let me know what you think. This particular song is on their “Blankets” EP.

If you like it you can buy their older EPs here from when they were with Kelp Records.

Pink Clouds

The only thing about John Ralston’s album that I just don’t like is the pink clouds in the cover art. I’m not into the pink clouds. I think they are silly, they remind me too much of cotton candy. And frankly, cotton candy is too sweet for cover art.

With that said, I love LOVE LOVE his music. “Needle Bed” was released on June 6, 2006. I think the best thing about these songs is the raw emotion put into them lyrically and musically. Ralston has been playing guitar his whole life, thanks to his mom, and it shows. In addition, he’s not afraid to pour his heart out on paper and let us listen.

He shares the same record label as artists you should definitely be more familiar with including: The Lemonheads, Dashboard Confessional and The Get Up Kids.

Here is a link to his MySpace page:

A track for you: I Believe in Ghosts

Enjoy and if you’ve got the funds, I would definitely buy the album.


When I was a little girl I used to listen to my Grandma play the piano sometimes and I always loved the sound. The sound of a piano, played well or played horribly for that matter, cannot be matched by any other sound.

When this video began playing the first time, I watched, I was in awe of the sound, the smoothness of Jon McLaughlin’s ability to play the piano. I’m not going to say I think he is the best singer I have ever heard, but he’s not bad. However, I loved, loved the way he played those keys.

Newbie to Epic

Scouting For Girls” has been signed. I can’t imagine how it must feel to finally get your break. But these guys deserve it. They were signed three weeks ago and on Valentine’s Day nonetheless.

Their promotional track is “Keep on Walkin”

The sound is great, heartfelt Indie music. Imagine Belle and Sebastian meets Bob Dylan. Seriously, the sound is that amazing and classic. You will love them. So go to the Wolf Shop right now!

Post of their Own from an Aeonian

Aeon Spoke gets to have their very own post, not to be melded in with other listenings of the morning.

Why? Because I’m considering their album repeat worthy. Oh yes. It could be one that remains in my car for quite some time. Their music is deep and profound while still sounding amazing.

And I thank them for their talent by sharing with you “Emmanuel.”

But don’t forget to buy their album on May 3rd!

Feeling like the Strokes this morning

And just in case you didn’t before…now you have a track.

Take a listen to “You Only Live Once”

That is off of their latest album First Impressions on Earth which I highly recommend you buy. =o)

I’m also in the mood to listen to some Joseph Arthur.

So I’ll share “Diamond Ring” with you. It is from his upcoming album “Let’s Just Be” will be out for you to grab on April 17th.

And I added a new song by the A-Sides to my MP3 player on the right of my blog. It is called “Cinematic” and I think you’ll find it champagne-toast-worthy if I do say so myself. It is from their album “Silver Storms” which comes out the end of this month.

Craving something different, something new?
I’ve got some of that for you, too.

Auto Defiance is coming out with their self-titled EP on March 27th.
Now take a listen to their song “You Could Prove.”

Eeek. Don’t yell at me. Just one more:
Times New Viking – We Got Rocket