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Chugging along…choo choo

Strangely enough this band’s name really bothers me. I think because I know some people will be deterred from listening to them at all; purely based on their name.

With that said, I do want you to know, you should give them a listen.

This is a dark song, very somber…but still likeable.

iLikeTrains – “Terra Nova”

You can download their music on iTunes or buy their album “Progress Reform” when it is released in the US on April 23rd.

Dance around

In a far more spunky, punky mood this morning than usual. In fact, I put a dark red streak through my brown hair and am wearing my favorite long-sleeved tie-dyed shirt. And so the first song I put on this morning is “Hear Me Out” by the Winterkids. Because it gets me moving, even early in the AM. It’s definitely dance worthy music, but also has an Indie Punk feeling. Not all of their songs are so energetic, but ALL of their songs are VERY good! You can pre-order their album (already released in Japan) at their MySpace page.

Listen to “Hear Me Out”

And somehow I am quite sure I’ll be humming to Patrick Wolf later in the day. I love the little intricate extras that almost hide in his music. Perfectly placed sparks.

Listen to “Get Lost”

Tuesday Pick – March 13th

We all know that Tuesday means new music. And on this lovely March 13th I recommend making sure you swipe up the new Rosie Thomas album “These Friends of Mine” in case you didn’t download it off eMusic and maybe even in addition to that. That is the only must-have that I can think of for today.

Rosie Thomas – “Pretty Dress”

I’m really into The Corrs and their “Dreams: The Ultimate Corrs Collection” is out today, but it’s not something I’m rushing out to grab and may never even own. It would be something extra on a rainy day if I found $20 in my coat pocket.

If for some unknown reason you didn’t want the Rosie Thomas album (which by the way would make you crazy) I would suggest last week’s new album by Son Volt – “The Search“. The single from that album is “The Picture” and it’s pretty good. Definitely very peppy. Lots of trumpets.

I could be a squirrel

I now understand why those cute, yet frightening little squirrels like acorns so much. This morning I have found myself enjoying an acorn as well…The Acorn. Their most recent EP was released on December 2, 2006, under the Paper Bag Records label which is the Stars record label as well. A full length album is said to release this coming Fall 2007.

Their sound is nothing short of enchantingly melodic. Original. Multiple instruments to pick out of their collection. The attention to detail in each song I have heard so far is just insane. And please believe me when I tell you that by “insane” I mean the highest of incredible compliments!

Here, take a listen to “Plates & Saucers” and let me know what you think. This particular song is on their “Blankets” EP.

If you like it you can buy their older EPs here from when they were with Kelp Records.

Pink Clouds

The only thing about John Ralston’s album that I just don’t like is the pink clouds in the cover art. I’m not into the pink clouds. I think they are silly, they remind me too much of cotton candy. And frankly, cotton candy is too sweet for cover art.

With that said, I love LOVE LOVE his music. “Needle Bed” was released on June 6, 2006. I think the best thing about these songs is the raw emotion put into them lyrically and musically. Ralston has been playing guitar his whole life, thanks to his mom, and it shows. In addition, he’s not afraid to pour his heart out on paper and let us listen.

He shares the same record label as artists you should definitely be more familiar with including: The Lemonheads, Dashboard Confessional and The Get Up Kids.

Here is a link to his MySpace page:

A track for you: I Believe in Ghosts

Enjoy and if you’ve got the funds, I would definitely buy the album.


When I was a little girl I used to listen to my Grandma play the piano sometimes and I always loved the sound. The sound of a piano, played well or played horribly for that matter, cannot be matched by any other sound.

When this video began playing the first time, I watched, I was in awe of the sound, the smoothness of Jon McLaughlin’s ability to play the piano. I’m not going to say I think he is the best singer I have ever heard, but he’s not bad. However, I loved, loved the way he played those keys.