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Newbie to Epic

Scouting For Girls” has been signed. I can’t imagine how it must feel to finally get your break. But these guys deserve it. They were signed three weeks ago and on Valentine’s Day nonetheless.

Their promotional track is “Keep on Walkin”

The sound is great, heartfelt Indie music. Imagine Belle and Sebastian meets Bob Dylan. Seriously, the sound is that amazing and classic. You will love them. So go to the Wolf Shop right now!

Post of their Own from an Aeonian

Aeon Spoke gets to have their very own post, not to be melded in with other listenings of the morning.

Why? Because I’m considering their album repeat worthy. Oh yes. It could be one that remains in my car for quite some time. Their music is deep and profound while still sounding amazing.

And I thank them for their talent by sharing with you “Emmanuel.”

But don’t forget to buy their album on May 3rd!

Feeling like the Strokes this morning

And just in case you didn’t before…now you have a track.

Take a listen to “You Only Live Once”

That is off of their latest album First Impressions on Earth which I highly recommend you buy. =o)

I’m also in the mood to listen to some Joseph Arthur.

So I’ll share “Diamond Ring” with you. It is from his upcoming album “Let’s Just Be” will be out for you to grab on April 17th.

And I added a new song by the A-Sides to my MP3 player on the right of my blog. It is called “Cinematic” and I think you’ll find it champagne-toast-worthy if I do say so myself. It is from their album “Silver Storms” which comes out the end of this month.

Craving something different, something new?
I’ve got some of that for you, too.

Auto Defiance is coming out with their self-titled EP on March 27th.
Now take a listen to their song “You Could Prove.”

Eeek. Don’t yell at me. Just one more:
Times New Viking – We Got Rocket

Force a Fate

Okay, I’m so sorry, but I have to add another post. It can’t wait until tomorrow!

The band “The Reputation” came out with an album in 2004. And I don’t know, maybe I was just completely out of the loop, but I swear I have never heard of them. So when I came across their album on eMusic, I thought hmmm, I’ll listen for a bit.

I was sold. Instantly. I had to buy the album “To Force a Fate.”

There isn’t one song that I like more than the others, they are all lively and well done. “The Lasting Effects” isn’t as lively, it’s almost haunting, but still very good. Reviews say this is straight up Indie music, but I think it’s a little bit Indie and a little bit Pop. Elizabeth Elmore is a great songwriter/singer. I think you’ll find her lyrics are…well…true.

For your listening pleasure try – “Face It”

Love at first listen

She could put me to sleep. No, she isn’t boring. She is soothing. And quite frankly I need something which will relax me and allow me to fall asleep naturally. Her voice is absolutely beautiful!

Priscilla Ahn

She is currently on tour opening for Alexi Murdoch. (Another fave of mine).

And I have to say, to me, they both should be headliners.

If you want to take a listen, I suggest Rain.

Just as beautiful and mellow as Priscilla, I have found that Sarah Blasko also has the vocal chords of a song bird. Her song “Amazing Things” is nothing short of incredible.

A couple weeks ago I heard the song “Sideways” by Let’s Go Sailing. (Even though Rock Insider was talking about it back in November!) I loved it. Love it! I am telling you. There are just some songs/artists that have a way of creeping into your ear all stealth-like and winning over all the auditory parts of your brain.

Let’s Go Sailing’s album “Chaos in Order” will be released this month on March 27th.


Copyright woes

You know how much I love music. Obviously.

And I am not for illegally downloading music (though I admit I have done that in the past) so when it comes to copyright issues I can see both sides of that double-edged sword.

But to set things in motion to shut down streaming music on the internet through sites like Pandora…well that hurts. Because you can’t illegally download a song off of Pandora. In fact, with a lovely mashup, you can buy the songs from eMusic if you like them on Pandora. Let me make it clear that they are not forcing a shut down, but the are enforcing a pay-per-play-customer rate. So if 500 people are streaming from Pandora then Pandora would have to pay. Eck!

Garage Spin has the story here, “Internet Radio Gets Royalty Rate Smack Down”.

And to sign a petition against this craziness go here: