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Can you spell that again?

I sent “Polaroids” (it’s a song, get your mind out of the gutter) to a friend a couple weeks ago and it was because I loved it so much. It’s not the typical Indie sound that I have become accustomed to over the past couple of years, but it is music I welcome with open arms.

The band is Slaraffenland and they’ve been around for awhile, but haven’t been given much notice or hype. So I’m going to tell you, they rock, they are fun…you need to give them a listen. =o)

So I’m uploading “Sleep Tight” for you to check out. If you like this, I promise you that you will like “Polaroids,” too…and “Watch Out” and “Show Me the Way.” I like the whole album!

Their album “Private Cinema” will be out in the US on May 15th.

Feeling better about Wilco

Most of you know that Wilco has an album coming out on May 15th.

The album will be titled “Sky Blue Sky” and this is the cover art.

When I bought “A Ghost is Born” I wasn’t very impressed. It just didn’t get me moving either physically or emotionally. And those are two elements which I require, as I think all people do.

The songs will be:
1. “Either Way”
2. “You Are My Face”
3. “Impossible Germany”
4. “Sky Blue Sky”
5. “Side with the Seeds”
6. “Shake it Off”
7. “Please Be Patient With Me”
8. “Hate it Here”
9. “Leave Me (Like You Found Me)”
10. “Walken”
11. “What Light”
12. “On and On and On “

And I can vouch for a few of them. I have “You are My Face” which I adore. And I also very much like “What Light” and “Walken.” So, at least for me, this album will be a Wilco success. Listen on MySpace.


March 29th you’ll be able to buy Laura Veir’s new album “Saltbreakers.” I have been listening to “Don’t Lose Yourself,” “Saltbreaker” and “Wandering Kind” and I have to say I recommend the album. But how can you not love a woman who has the acoustic talents of Laura and such a mellow voice PLUS she writes her own music!

You will go wherever you need to go and you will buy “Because of the Times” which is the latest album by Kings of Leon. Somehow I managed to grab three of the songs early… And I can personally vouch for them that Ragoo and True Love Way are awesome songs, though the single is “On Call” which came out on the radios earlier in February. The album will be available for purchase on April 3rd in the US.

And upcoming for May is “Au Revoir Simone” who has knocked my socks off with their song “Backyards Of Our Neighbors.” That song is available for download on their site. I’ve also gotten my hands on “Fallen Snow” which is such a sad song about lost love. And “The Lucky One” so light, so wispy, I wish I could play a casio like these girls can!

You can give them a listen on MySpace of course. And their album “The Bird of Music” will be availble for you to purchase in May in the US, but you can purchase it on their website from the UK.

Periodic Table

Even when I was majoring in Neuroscience at UD I just couldn’t pass chemistry. (Which is why I’m now a web developer =o) I could ace biology and physiology and even now I can tell you so many things about the way the brain function it would keep you asleep for days.

But isn’t Zinc an element on the periodic table?

Who knows?

What I do know is that The Zincs are a rocking band that has a broad range in music from acoustic to electronic. And as most British/GoneUSA bands tend to be, they are wowing the crowds at a fast speed and will surely be talked about for many moons to come. The mixture of sounds they put together is something that immediately had me hooked.

See for yourself.

The Zincs – “Beautiful Lawyers” (off their album “Dimmer” from 2005)

And then go to InSound and buy whatever you can scoop up. Because there is no reason to continue missing out on the sounds of Nathaniel Braddock, Nick Macri, Jason Toth and James Elkington (with the croon of your favorite-British-Not-to-be-disclosed dreams!)

P.S. Their latest album is set to come out on March 20th.

Such a pretty name

If I could change my name, I would want to change it to Lavendar Diamond.

Well, okay, probably not, but it’s a pretty name isn’t it?

I know you think I’m good enough to come up with it on my own. But I’m not.

And of course you can take a listen to them on MySpace.

Their singer Becky Stark has a voice that is just breathtaking.
The sound altogether is folky and oh so sweet, I love it. Plus I am sucker for anything involving piano!

Listen to “Open Your Heart” if you listen to anything on the page. =o)

And here you can listen to “RISE IN THE SPRINGTIME”

Their page says their music sounds like “the sound of love” and well, I don’t know if love has a sound, but I can’t come up with an argument as to why this wouldn’t be it. So here is a link for you to buy the album “The Calvary of Light.”

Straight from PA

I know I live in Delaware, but can I call “Illinois” a local band if they are from Bucks County, PA?

Their website leaves much to be desired, but that is probably because (like most new bands) they’re counting on MySpace for all of their up and coming stardom.

“What the Hell Do I Know?” is the title of their EP set to appear in stores on March 6, 2007.

You can listen to four of their songs on their MySpace page, the link is above, or you can click here and give a listen to their song “Alone Again.”

No stealing please, this is just here to entice you to buy the EP next week. And if you want to do a quick read through, Philly EDGE did a story on them that is running front and center on their website this morning.

So, So, So Soothing

Light some candles and pour me some wine.

The only bad thing about Midnight Movies single “Patient Eye” is the fact that I didn’t hear it until today. What have my ears been listening to all this time?

This song has such a soothing sound that I literally felt the muscles in my neck and shoulder relax. I kid you not. The song is produced by Steve Fisk. Sound familiar? Of course it does. Fisk has also produced songs for Nirvana, Soundgarden, Minus the Bear, The Screaming Trees and Unwound.

Check out the video.

If you like “Patient Eye” then you will also like their song “Persimmon Tree.”