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100 Million iPods Sold

If you haven’t heard already, Apple has sold 100 million iPods since it was introduced 5 and a half years ago. Over 10 models of the iPod have been designed since then – incliding the mini, shuffle and nano. So now people are asking “can they sell 100 million more?.” I don’t know, but I do know this – I can’t wait to see 100 million more iPod dock designs.

Jeff Han, you rock!

This is just so cool!

Jeff Han’s company “Perceptive Pixel” has been working on the world’s most innovative touch panel. You know how there are touch screen monitors, most often found in kiosks? Well.

This isn’t just your ordinary touch screen.

Watch this video to get the complete touch panel demonstration. It is wicked awesome! It looks like the limitations of yesterday’s touch screens have just been erased.

Feeling proud

It might seem silly, but a blog I wrote “Marvel Heroes & Silent Laughs” was published on the front page of The News Journal’s website at

I love to write and I would do it even if no one read my posts. But to know that someone thought it was interesting enough to put on the front of the site, well that’s a pretty good feeling.

Guess I should thank Braeden when I get home for the inspiration!

Damn Groundhog

So the groundhog didn’t see his shadow. This means spring is coming early. And though it has been 18 degrees here since that prediction, there wasn’t any prediction of precipitation. No prediction of snow in the forecast at all.

It snowed.

It snowed about 2 inches last night.

No I’m not upset. I love snow. But I also like when the roads are plowed. The state can’t prepare the roads for proper snow removal IF IT ISN’T PREDICTED!

And so I say. Why in the world do people listen to groundhogs anyway!?