Laughing I do believe has some sort of scientific something or other that truly does make you feel better. At least a little bit.

So I’m still in my pajamas. I just opened a Coke, I’m eating mac & cheese out of a paper cup and I am watching “How I Met Your Mother.” My parents gave me season 1 on DVD and I am on episode 3 right now which is “Sweet Taste of Liberty.”

Let me tell you, this show is just hilarious. I could watch these episodes a hundred times and still have true laugh-out-loud moments.

The guys are Ted (Josh Radnor), Marshall (Jason Segel) and Barney (Neil Patrick Harris). The girls are Lily (Alyson Hannigan) and Robin (Cobie Smulders). The cast is just so great together, we’re talking witty dialogue and tons of chemistry.

I especially like some of the crazy dialogue from Barney.

For instance:

Barney: Ted, tonight we’re gonna go out. We’re gonna meet some ladies, it’s gonna be *legendary*. Phone-five!
[slaps cell-phone]Barney: You didn’t phone-five, did you?
[pause]Barney: I know when you don’t phone-five Ted.

I mean you have to see it to really appreciate it, but it is hilarious. Especially to a girl who gives herself “self fives” all the time. A phone-five is soooo funny!


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