I finished the book “Don’t Kiss Them Good-bye.

We all know how I believe in spirits being here on earth. It’s not that I believe people don’t go to heaven or hell. I do believe that, but I also believe spirits remain connected to their loved ones on earth. And if you are open to it, you can see them or communicate with them. It may be that they persuade you to take a different route to work. You chalk it up to “a feeling” or “intuition” whereas I will say it is one of my guardian angels.

Allison DuBois, author of “Don’t Kiss Them Good-bye,” calls them her guides.

This book was absolutely fascinating and I am so happy that my Mom let me borrow it. It opened my mind and my heart even more and I feel very blessed to know that I have a gift. No, I’m not a profiler or a psychic like Allison, but I do rely on a sixth sense a lot and I do see spirits. It isn’t frightening to me. This is something that has always been a part of my life; something completely normal.

If you interest is piqued, I recommend the book. It is non-fiction, but it is extremely profound whilst being entertaining.