Bah and Meck and Cashmere

Oh you know I say “bah” all the time. And it’s not a sheep sound, it’s like the “bah” in “bah humbug.” And meck, well, meck is a cross between “meh” and “heck.”


Bah! and Meck!

I’m tired.

Braeden has a pretty wicked cold and an ear infection. Which makes for rough nights. And the medicine I am on has been regulated (increased) which for me means an intense headache. But that will fade within a week or two and so I need to deal with it.

Work is still going very well. I have a katrillion projects on my plate, but I’m embracing it, because it is work I love to do. It feels good to have creative control back and to be appreciated as a web developer. I have even been called a web design genius recently. Haha. I’m definitely not a genius, but it felt good to hear.

Burlap to Cashmere. Where do I come up with these things? I know. I know. But again this is a band that I enjoy. You can listen to 30 second tidbits at Amazon. I recommend “Chop, Chop” and “Mansion.”

And if you like it, the singer has a solo album that you can hear samples from on (the oh-so-dreaded) MySpace. Enjoy!


4 thoughts on “Bah and Meck and Cashmere

  1. Bah! Glad everything’s going well. It’s too bad you don’t also have control over the room temperature! I think I may have eaten too many chocolate covered espresso beans tonight. My eyes sure are tired…

  2. what the heck is oh so dreadful about myspace? i mean except for the 12 year olds on there who typ3 lyk3 th1$.

  3. MySpace sucks because it is another portal for people to see who you are talking to so they can be mad at you for just one more thing.

    Espresso beans + chocolate = YUM

  4. Pfft. Ridiculous.

    I disagree. You can use it for keeping in touch with distant friends for example! Or promoting your band. Or putting 293 pictures of yourself taken at obscene angles online!

    Mmm. Chocolate-covered espresso beans!

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