I have had a cinnamon candle lit today. One that I was given for Christmas. I absolutely love it. This smell is so comforting to me. I’m not sure why. But whatever works right?

Ready for your lyrical snippet?

Oh come on, you can’t be tired of them yet.

The Damnwells – “Sell the Lie”

Just say anything you want to
You don’t need all the things they promised to you
Sell the lie and give away the truth
Give away the truth

I have seen, among the oldest of things
The beginning, the start of the seam
That holds together, and keeps it from losing me


7 thoughts on “Breathe it in”

  1. The name of that band reminds me of The Weakerthans. Im gonna name my band The Pressheres.

    Or something.


  2. Just a plain cinnamon candle? Not cinnamon spice? Or apples and cinnamon? I’m not sure how I feel about that. But yep, whatever works!

  3. They should make man candles. Sents like potato skins, and meat loaf, or maybe nacho’s. Yea man candles! and coming this spring old high school locker room for you on the go types!

  4. okay. no nacho candles.


    no wait…mmmmmmm soft pretzels and cheese dip!

    ixnay on the high school locker room candle though. that is just uncalled for!

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