Bad things

Sometimes you can just sense when something is wrong. At least I can. And about 10 minutes ago I brought something upstairs to wash. As I was walking downstairs I felt weird, cold and shakey. I fell down about 5 stairs. I’m fine. Just sprained my shoulder.

Took some Tylenol and turned on Heroes. To breaking news. Something tragic has happened at the Naval Yard in South Philadelphia. 4 people killed, 1 critically injured. The shooter turned the gun on himself. I’m not sure what happened. It just upsets me when bad things happen. Life is so precious, so short, why would anyone do this? I have been angry and depressed, but I would never take an innocent person’s life. I just don’t understand.


5 thoughts on “Bad things

  1. Isn’t it annoying that a sixth sense may give you a warning, but that may not be enough to prevent the event? Seems unfair. Sort of a tease.
    Hope the sprain is just a little pull, and that it’s better by morning.
    Dark news today. And every day. It’s always dark somewhere, and there are always those who want to make it darker. But it’s better that you can’t understand their minds. You wouldn’t want to. The only answer is to find the people and ideas that are your candles and hold them close, while you can.

  2. Thank you anon that was deep of you. People and ideas that are my candles….hmmm…that is not always easy.

  3. Perhaps having the sixth sense warning about bad things is only half the equation? maybe someone else out there has the power to do something. you sense it coming and once they know about it from you they are able to take action. or maybe that’s just absurd. but it’s a thought.

    without the dark, there would be no need for candles.

    i agree with anon #1. find those people and things that light up your life and hold on to them as long as you can. they may be hard to come by but well worth it when you find one. good candles burn for a long time.

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