Find out who is “Everyone Worth Knowing”

Since I finished school I have been a reading fiend.

There have been so many books that I have let pile up and it has been quite enjoyable to start dwindling down the stack.

On Saturday I finished “Everyone Worth Knowing” by Lauren Weisberger. She also wrote “The Devil Wears Prada.” Bette Robinson is the main character in this book. She’s on a journey of self discovery and she morphs into this woman she isn’t very proud of with very little privacy and a huge credit card bill. Haha. She is aware that she did not want to be that person. It takes some time for her to get out of the materialistic world of knowing all the right people and being able to get into the fancy, elite New York clubs. Eventually, she finds herself in a room of close friends and family, celebrating her birthday. It ends there, in that room, and I can imagine the feeling that must have swelled within her at that sight.

I don’t know how she held out as long as she did working in the PR position she had landed in after quitting her job at the bank. But Bette had the life of a rock star for quite some time. Until she realized that labels on your jeans really don’t matter and being able to get on a jet and sip champagne at any given moment, yes it was quite nice, but so not necessary. Especially if being that person meant disappointing everyone who ever meant anything to you. Ah Bette, you made an excellent character in a book, I really loved reading along as you blossomed. =o)

And so now I am already over 200 pages into another book, haha. My brother will shake his head when he reads this, but it is another Dean Koontz book. This one is called “Forever Odd” and though like “Intensity” it does involve a murder, this storyline is far less gruesome. In fact, I think the reason I can’t put this book down is because the main character Odd (yes, his parents named him that, strange people) can see spirits and help them find closure with what they left behind upon dying. In addition, he refers to a magnetic feeling he has, like he is being pulled places to help people in danger. It is a very interesting book and I’m pretty sure I’ll finish it tonight after Heroes. =o)