Andrew Bird renders me speechless…

Everything you have ever heard about Andrew Bird as a live performer has probably been underestimated. I find myself unable to accurately describe to you just how phenomenal the show was last night.

So. I was momentarily rendered speechless. But clearly I got over it. Haha.

Brian and I went to see Andrew Bird at the TLA in Philly (now known as the Filmore). Joan as Police Woman opened for him. I am a fan of both acts and was thrilled to have the chance to see them. When we got up there at 7:30 p.m. there was already a pretty hefty line and doors didn’t open until 8 p.m. for a 9 p.m. show. Clearly, the venue had sold out and as we were crammed like sardines that was even more evident once we were inside. Even though we were early enough to sit instead of have to stand, we still found our view completely obscured most of the time.

Joan as Police Woman has a haunting voice that belts out so loudly she probably wouldn’t even need a mic. Unfortunately, the crowd was rude and loud and I felt really bad for her. She is a fantastic pianist and guitarist in addition to her voice, but people were completely disrespectful to her. Even so, she played through her set and thanked us for being there. In addition to thanking “Mary” which is who the crowd named the figmented presence that Joan told us was staring the stage with her last night. She is a very strange bird that is for damn sure.

Onto Andrew Bird.

Hmm how can I describe the stage. There was a siamese, spinning gramophone. Yep. And this zebra striped bigger gramophone… All very cool, I’ve not seen anything quite like that before. It was interesting to see him play all the different parts to the songs, because on the tracks most of what you hear is him. It’s all his samplings meshed together into perfection. So seeing him on the violin, switching to guitar, changing mics to do his hand claps and then whistling. It was just awesome!

I think his voice is very unique though I would compare it to Sting and Gary Lightbody. He has such an amazing range both vocally and instrumentally; to see it in person was incredible! If you ever get a chance to see him, do it. Even if you don’t know his music, it will be a show that will not disappoint.

And I have to give major kudos to the awesome guy who put the “verified age” band aroud my wrist. After telling him I get anxious in big crowds he kindly told me that he would make sure we were taken care of. =o)

Andrew Bird – “Imitosis” (mp3)
Joan as Police Woman – “The Ride” (mp3)


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  1. webmaster says:

    Do you remember the name of the final song he did – where he lost the lyrics at the end and the audience had to help him flesh it out?