More Wows From Microsoft

Microsoft has been creating several amazing products recently. Earlier this year I blogged about Photosynth. Today everyone is talking about surface computing. What was a top secret project – Microsoft has now unveiled as a new Surface computer. A coffee table type computer that interacts with objects and human touch. The table is basically a PC encased in a spiffy black table base with a delicious 30 inch touchscreen under an acrylic top.

5 cameras under the screen sense and identify objects. Wireless networking allows the computer to sense what object has been placed on the screen, and will automatically connect to it if able. A multi finger, multi user interface allows you to organize your photos and move them around as if they were real printed photos. No mouse, no keyboard, all touch – and with both hands if you want. Imagine placing a digital camera and a cell phone on the screen, and then all of the sudden see the pics spill out of the camera all over the screen, and sliding some of those images under the phone to transfer them.

Microsoft will initially target stores, hotels and casinos with the new technology. Surface computers will be available in some Las Vegas casinos, Starwood hotels and T-Mobile stores by the end of the year.

You would think something this awesome would be priced way too high for most of us to touch, but Microsoft is saying $5,000 to $10,000. Prices are expected to drop within 3-5 to make them much more affordable for the rest of us consumers.

Microsoft is working on a limited number of programs to ship with Surface, including one for sharing digital photographs – which couldn’t possibly get old.

Thank you Microsoft!

See this demo!

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2 Responses

  1. Christy says:

    Holy mackenzie! I hope prices do drop!

  2. Mike says:

    Yeah. I’m getting one.