Plushgun, where’d you come from?

It’s only an EP and I’m completely enthralled.

Plushgun is essentially one person; Dan Ingala. He’s brilliant! You can tell that he lives and breathes this music. From New York, New York he kind of just popped up on the scene and quite frankly he made an instant fan of me.

A select few will know why I love one of their songs in particular, but all of the tracks on this EP are excellent. It’s soft, it’s catchy, it’s got the synthesizers and the keyboards. I love it! I am all about the whole progressive feeling their music projects. It has rock and pop components mingled in with amazingly produced electric mixes that make you want to dance.


Plushgun – “An Aria” (mp3)

Plushgun – “The Dark in You” (mp3)

Plushgun – “How We Roll” (mp3)

You can buy more tracks on his MySpace page and you so should!


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