SCORE! Knows reading is important

When I was younger and had time to spare I used to tutor children in reading, so I know just how difficult it can be on that end. Now as a parent, my son is very interested in reading but all of his gadgets and toys do the reading for him. I’m wondering if this will help or hinder children of today.

I think it is beneficial there are people like the SCORE! reading tutors available if you need some extra help when it comes to reading. You can’t do much of anything if you are unable to read signs, directions, manuals, recipes, etc.

Their statement is this, “We’ll work with your child to get her up to grade level, or to read at a level beyond her wildest expectations. Through a customized learning experience and the guidance of our Academic Directors, your child will build the skills and confidence needed to turn the page.”

That says it loud and clear to me. Their goal is to help the child have the skills AND confidence to want to read. If a child is struggling with reading they learn to resent it and SCORE! realizes this, so they work on both sides of the issue. It’s an excellent program, definitely look into it if you find your child need a little extra push towards the reading rainbow. =o)

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