Let’s talk biofuel

Of course I checked out the Sierra Club website today, it’s something I try to do everyday. There was an article about biofuels, so I decided to give it a read through.

It seems that these are the days in which because are scrambling to figure out how to fix the mess that our environment is in…and figuring out other sources to make fuel from is a topic that keeps coming up. Biofuels produce less carbon dioxide.


Biofuel crops are typically grown on land which is burnt and reclaimed from tropical forests. Of course also, if you are clearing land to grow brops to make biofuel, there will be less land for farming and therefore the cost of food will rise. Like high yielding crops of corn and soy that will most likely be used to make biofuel. Corn will be the new caviar.

And I digress.

There will probably always be a Catch 22, an equal and opposite reaction…Murphys law, etc.

Back to the drawing board folks. How can we make carbon-free, renewable energy? If only the sun would shed some light on this problem…


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