Autism linked with thin bones

“Results of an early study suggest that dairy-free diets and unconventional food preferences could put boys with autism and autism spectrum disorder (ASD) at higher than normal risk for thinner, less dense bones when compared to a group of boys the same age who do not have autism.”

Yes, it is true, I read Science Daily. Now that we’re done laughing about that, I wanted to quickly mention one of their tatest articles about autism. Research suggests children, specifically boys, who have autism are at a higher risk for Vitamin D and Calcium deficiencies. So even though they have higher levels of growth hormones and can often be very tall, they are also slender due to thinner bones. You can see the problem that might arise. If their bodies are taller they will need stronger bones to support their limbs. This might be why many children with autism break so many bones.

The doctors involved with this research stress that more investigation needs to be done, but that it is a good idea for you to include a dietician into your child’s plan of action when it comes to their disorder.