Five Natural Wonders to See Before They Are Gone

Before visiting any of these endangered destinations, or traveling at all, consider the environmental impact of the trip. Travel responsibly in order to decrease the harmful environmental footprint a trip can leave behind.

Endangered Destinations:

— Alaska, U.S.
Due to its northern location, Alaska is warming five times faster than
the rest of the planet. Glaciers are disappearing and remote villages
are threatened as the ground literally melts out from under them.

— Venice, Italy
The city has been sinking for centuries, but rising ocean levels due to
global warming have accelerated the threat. Protective barriers
currently being built by the Italian government may not be enough to
save the city.

— Glacier National Park, Montana
This famous park’s name may soon be a misnomer. Its glaciers are
projected to disappear within 30 years due to rising temperatures.

— Great Barrier Reef, Australia
Its colorful corals have already suffered several mass bleaching events
due to rising water temperatures, over-fishing and coastal land use.
Few reef-building corals will be left by 2050.

— The Alps, France and Italy
Scientists predict that most of the glaciers in the Alps could be gone
as soon as 2037. Decreased snowfall levels have already put some local
ski resorts out of business.