It’s not enough that you watch the political party conventions on TV, read the political coverage in newspapers, and the reactions in blogs. Some people are not reacting on blogs, they are reacting on Twitter. But how do you follow all of that raw political discourse, and do you even want to?

Stephen Taylor, a Canadian blogger and political analyst, has hacked together govtweets, an easy of tracking live conversations that occur via twitter on the topic of the Democratic and Republican Presidential tickets for 2008. Instead of tracking conversation generators, govtweets tracks specific content that is being discussed by anyone on twitter. If you find a political twitterer particularly interesting, govtweets can help you discover them too. So Govtweets is nothing more than a snapshot of the national conversation, but it is still fascinating to watch it unfold.

Here are some recent Govtweets (newly announced Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin seems to be dominating the conversation):

An Alaskan’s Perspective on Sarah Palin: A down-to-earth description of Sarah Palin’s time as Alaska’s Gover..

August 31st – 4:52:47 am PST

GOP Alaska State Senator: Palin Not Ready to Be Gov/VP: “She’s not prepared to be governor. How can she be p..

August 31st – 4:52:43 am PST

Who scrubbed Wikipedia’s entry for Sarah Palin just before nom announcement?

August 31st – 4:51:41 am PST