Make Your Skin Glow

Wellness isn’t just about taking vitamins to keep your insides healthier. It’s also about feeling good about yourself. Keeping fit and good hygiene and positive self awareness all play a part in our overall well being.

Part of this comes into play just by pampering yourself every now and then. Allowing yourself time for a pedicure or a hot bath; even if you do the pedicure yourself and don’t go out to pay someone for it.

Sabon NYC is a Luxury Body and Bath Fragrance Shop in New York City. Their tagline is “Listen To Your Body.” Part of their mission statement says, “We strive to encourage an appreciation of the daily ritual of bath by creating an environment that inspires and captures the imagination, through the visual and sensory experience.”

So you know when you get a product from Sabon, you’re getting the best and you’ll feel it when you use it.

Currently in stock on their website at you’ll see fifteen different body scrubs. They come in yummy fragrances like Lemon Mint and Lavendar Apple to name two. Body scrubs are mandatory for me when I take a bath, I use them on my knees and elbows, ankles; the rough spots. Exfoliation, using body scrubs helps to make your skin glow with smoothness. has creamy, foamy, sugary and regular based body scrubs to choose from.

Remember, especially now that warmer weather is heading our way. Treat your body to some needed pampering and you’ll end up feeling brand new.

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