Flabbergasted kept my attention

Flabbergasted: To cause to be overcome with astonishment.

Ray Blackston’s book “Flabbergasted: A Novel” did not overcome me with astonishment, but I did very much enjoy it. I think the witty banter and dialogue throughout the story between all of the characters was the best part of the writing. It was the communication between strangers and new friends which filled in for the holes in the plot.

“Flabbergasted” follows the journey of a young man who has moved across the country to be with his girlfriend, only to then be dumped before the for sale sign is even removed from his new house. His realtor tells him the best place to meet women is at church. This is where the story begins.

Well for Jay Jarvis, who is a financial adviser and stock broker whose heart was just broken, he really doesn’t believe he’ll meet a girl in church and he also doesn’t know if God would even care. So when he starts going to a singles class for the local Presbyterian church he is a bit “flabbergasted” to meet a girl he is very captivated by; her name is Allie. He is especially astonished since Allie is the daughter of the church Elder AND she does missionary work.

Since this book is written by a man and from the man’s point of view nothing gets too sappy. In addition, since it does weigh heavily on a Christian single’s group there isn’t much suggestive content through either. It’s wholesome, but it’s not hokey and it definitely has it’s tongue-in-cheek moments. I loved it. I laughed a few dozen times while reading.

For those of you who doubt your faith perhaps this book can open your eyes a bit. Otherwise, you might feel it is a bit much, but you have to remember Allie has devoted her life to working for God and being one of the main quirky characters you’ll be dealing with her opinions throughout. You’ll also have the more cynical Jay Jarvis as your narrator and that helps keep things toned down. But Jay definitely ends up finding God, love and a whole new enlightening perspective after many belly flops along the way.