Keira Knightley will never sign up to popular websites like Twitter or Facebook because she is convinced the social networking forums are “dehumanizing” users.

She says, “I hate the internet. I find it dehumanizing to constantly check emails or social sites which have become so fashionable. I’m not a celebrity. I don’t go home or out with friends saying, ‘I’m a celebrity’ and I don’t ask to be treated like a queen. Mom and dad wouldn’t like that.”

Sienna Miller often fancies searching the internet for stories about herself.

The actress relies on good pal Keira Knightley, 24, to stop her.

‘If there’s that awful temptation to Google yourself, she’ll phone up and go: “I’m thinking about Googling”,’ explains Sienna.

‘I’ll say: “I am too!” And we;ll talk each other out of it.;


“Desperate Housewives” actress Nicollette Sheridan tells TV Guide Magazine that killing off her character, Edie Britt, could have “devastating ramifications” for the show.

She tells the publication of her character’s relationship with the show’s creator Marc Cherry, “I think whoever Edie represented in Marc’s life was somebody he didn’t like. And he had a very difficult time distinguishing between fact and fiction.”

Nicollette says, for her, “Desperate Housewives” started to change. “When the show started it was such a different beast. It was exciting and dangerous and funny and edgy and bizarre. It started feeling a little complacent, and that was very frustrating.”


Nancy Davis is getting Hollywood heavies to join her in the “Race to Erase MS” and they need all the help they can get.

Right now, products like signature nail polish ($8) Eco tote bags ($12) and Tommy Hilfiger T-Shirts ($25) are selling on the EraseMS web site ( — where proceeds benefit the campaign, which funds a network of the nation’s top MS research centers called the Center Without Walls program.


What’s happening on “How I Met Your Mother?”

With Barney’s love for Robin unfolding gradually (and more people learning about it), it’s only a matter of time before Barney comes clean to Robin. But it seems that Barney is still not keen on completely stepping it up just yet. While Barney already marveled on how much he misses Robin when she’s not around, thinks about her all the time, and imagines the two of them running towards each other in slow motion, his friendship with his best friend Ted (Robin’s ex) remains his main concern, along with evading the risk of being rejected by the love of his life.