See ya Elton; Who’s Cast for Doctor Who and more

It was announced yesterday that 30 Days of Night director David Slade has been hired to helm the third film in the Twilight saga, Eclipse. He’s following in the footsteps of the series’ first director, Catherine Hardwicke, and New Moon’s Chris Weitz.

Why so many different directors? I’m not sure this is a good thing folks.


The Russian woman who claimed she was having an affair with Mel Gibson has been silenced – by the actor’s lawyers.

Oksana Pochepa, 24, said during a press conference that Gibson’s legal team feared an affair could cost the actor a fortune in his $900 million divorce.

“Until Mel and his wife Robyn settle their relations, no one has the right to speak about this,” she said.

Shame on you Mel!


The X-Files star Gillian Anderson is set to return to her sci-fi roots – British TV bosses are lining her up for a cameo role in Doctor Who.

The 40 year old starred alongside David Duchovny in the cult 1990s show and two subsequent movies in 1998 and last year.

TV executives in the U.K. are reportedly keen to sign Anderson for a special one-off episode of hit show Doctor Who – playing a villain to do battle with the Time Lord in the ultimate sci-fi showdown.


After 5 years and 241 shows, Elton John is heading out of Las Vegas for a well-deserved break.

For his final Sin City show on Wednesday night Elton played his greatest hits, much to the delight of his adoring fans, whom he thanked for their support.

Before closing with Your Song, Elton said, “Who are you going to get to fill in our shoes now? You’ve got Bette Midler, you’ve got Cher. It’s gonna be the Village People next. One day I might even see you in Vegas, OK? But until then, I love you.”


Meat’s not green, says Emily Deschanel in her latest PSA for PETA. The meat industry is responsible for more greenhouse gases than all forms of transportation combined, according to a recent report by the UN on Climate Change.

“There is no such thing as a meat-eating environmentalist. Now-a-days being green is very fashionable — especially in Hollywood,” Emily says. “While I think it is terrific to recycle and drive a hybrid, you can have an even greater impact on the environment by making one simple choice: don’t eat meat.”

“Fight climate change with diet change.”