Scarlett Johansson is no director; Foxx to star as Tyson

Check out the first picture from IRON MAN 2 with Robert Downey Jr.

Thanks to USA Today, we finally get more of Tony Stark aka Robert Downey Jr.

Jon Favreau is also back behind the camera and if number 2 is as good as number 1 was, I think we’re in for a treat.

Favreau told USA Today that the movie “takes place six months after Tony Stark revealed his identity as Iron Man, and the development is playing out with unexpected results.”


Hollywood actor Jamie Foxx wants to make a biopic based on the life of boxing legend Mike Tyson.

Foxx, who won critical acclaim for his portrayal of soul legend Ray Charles in the flick ‘Ray’, admitted that he would love to portray Mike in a flick.

“I think I would have to play Mike Tyson. I’ve talked to Mike several times and his story is the most tragic American story… Mike’s story is about what America and the world is about today,” Contactmusic quoted Foxx, as saying.

“Coming up at 18 years old and getting his $60 million and not teaching him what taxes are about, about vultures, about people who will never be real with you as long as you have the money,” Foxx added.

Foxx revealed that he has already started working on his dream project.

“I’m working on securing the rights to the movie,” Foxx said.

That is one movie I won’t be watching nor will care to miss.


Scarlett Johansson’s dream of being a director was dashed on her first try.

Johansson — who’s said in the past she’d prefer to direct rather than act — helmed a segment for the upcoming movie “New York, I Love You,” a series of intertwined love stories shot by several auteurs, including Brett Ratner and Natalie Portman.

But unfortunately for Johansson, her segment, starring Kevin Bacon and shot in black and white, was deemed “unwatchable,” sources said.

The film’s producer, Emmanuel Benbihy, said Johansson’s bit ended up in the scrapheap not because it was bad, but because “the story did not specifically involve an interpersonal relationship, and it was conceptualized to be filmed in black and white — both of which were extreme departures from the other films.”


The Sugababes are buzzing about their US deal with Jay-Z’s label Roc Nation.

Keisha Buchanan, Amelle Berrabah and Heidi Range signed for three albums with the new mega label.

A source says: “This is a tremendous launch pad for the girls in America.

Who are these ladies? I’ve never heard of them.