Decoder Ring

Decoder Ring, long revered for their uniquely sublime soundscapes, will digitally release their new album They Blind the Stars, and the Wild Team on August 18th via iTunes.

They Blind the Stars, and the Wild Team, a double album, was more than two years in the making and Decoder Ring’s first since 2006’s critically acclaimed, Somersault (OTS). To aid them in refining some of the many sounds they had amassed in the lead up to the recording, Decoder Ring enlisted the production skills of Scott Colburn (Arcade Fire, Animal Collective, Yeasayer).

Decoder Ring wash away many conventional songwriting norms by stripping out vocals, verses, choruses and bridges. What is left is a seamlessly linked group of strikingly textured and emotive pieces that allow the listener to fully immerse themselves into the vast sonic playground they build.


Decoder Ring – “Beat the Twilight” (mp3)

Rock on!


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