Cancer: There Is Hope

Did you know that cancer will soon be the leading killer of women and men worldwide? Already, cancer kills more people annually than malaria, tuberculosis and HIV/AIDs combined.

Last year, 7.6 million people died from cancer. By 2020 that number will double, and by 2030 cancer will account for over 17 million deaths – mostly in poor and developing countries.

Remarks by Ambassador Nancy G. Brinker

I have known so many who survived cancer, and so many who did not. I think often these days of one friend in particular who is in the struggle now, and recently wrote to me. He has his grandfather’s name, Winston Churchill. And in this different kind of war, to overcome cancer, he carries the same spirit of defiance and strength.

Winston wrote: “To those who, like myself, fall victim to this sinister, unseen disease that seeks to invade our bodies, I would merely say that all the resources of mind and body must be mobilized to defeat the enemy and never give in!” And Winston, we know you will never give in.

So in the global fight against cancer, too, let us be ambitious, and fearless, and united.

Governments around the world must truly understand the scope and scale of the cancer threat…and the life-saving potential of screening, early detection, treatment, and research.

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