Stephen King – Just After Sunset

I finished Stephen King’s newest book, “Just After Sunset: Stories“, which is his first collection of short stories. I admit when I bought the book I didn’t read about it first and so I was surprised to find it was a collection of short stories. In fact, I found myself immediately disappointed, but I read it anyway and I am so happy I did.

My first reaction was one of disappointment because I wanted the chance to sink my teeth into a great Stephen King novel. You know, something involved and thrilling. I didn’t think short stories would indulge me enough to get my “thriller fix”. I have read so many short stories which feel like they were rushed, unpolished and not quite finished once I’m done, but Stephen King is apparently just an amazing writer in all realms, because he developed incredible plots, solid characters and great endings in each of these stories.

Now that I’m done I wish there were more. I loved “N.” and “the gingerbread Girl”. I was fabulously disgusted by “The Cat From Hell” and “a Very Tight Place”.

I even thoroughly enjoyed the Sunset Notes, comprising King’s own thoughts about each of the stories in the collection.

The Gingerbread Girl
Harvey’s Dream
Rest Stop
Stationary Bike
The Things They Left Behind
Graduation Afternoon
The Cat from Hell
The New York Times at Bargain Rates
A Very Tight Place

2009 Alex Award, Nominated for the British Fantasy Award for Best Collection