Five days before Christmas, Brittany Murphy dies

Brittany Murphy

It’s very sad to read that Brittany Murphy, age 32, has passed away. There are very few details as to why she died other than she went into full cardiac arrest and was unable to be revived after the heart attack.

The Los Angeles Fire Department received a call from the home of Murphy’s husband, British screenwriter, Simon Monjack about 8 a.m.

Murphy was taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, where she was pronounced dead on arrival.

Brittany Murphy was born in Atlanta, Georgia, but she was raised in New Jersey by her Mom after her parents divorced when she was two years old. So far fellow actresses and actors have had nothing but wonderful things to say about her and her Mom. Their hearts go out to her family after this sudden and tragic death just five days before Christmas.

Murphy starred in films including “Clueless,” “8 Mile” and “Don’t Say a Word.”

2009 Celebrity deaths


January 2: Jett Travolta ( (Age 16) : Son of John Travolta and Kelly Preston. COD: Fatal blow to the head after seizure.

January 3: Pat Hingle ( (Age: 84) : Commissionor Gordon of first Batman series. COD: Leukemia.

January 6: Ron Asheton ( (Age 60) : Notable guitarist and co-writer lyrics for Iggy Pop’s The Stooges. COD: Apparent Heart Attack.

January 7: Bob Wilkins ( (Age 76) : Creator and host of Creature Features. COD: Alzheimer’s disease

January 13: Patrick McGoohan ( (Age 80) : Actor from Scanners, Silver Streak, & Braveheart. COD: Death after short illness.

January 14: Ricardo Montalban ( (Age 88) : Most famous for his Khan role on Star Trek. COD: No official cause yet.

January 18: Bob May ( (Age 69) : Played The Robot on Lost in Space. COD: Congestive Heart Failure

January 22: Veatrice Rice ( (Age 60) : Played a foul-mouthed security guard on Jimmy Kimmel Live! COD: Cancer

January 25: Kim Manners ( (Age 58) : Notable TV series director which shows included X-Files and Supernatural. COD: Lung Cancer.

January 27: John Updike ( (Age 76) : American Novelist famous for Rabbit series. COD: Lung Cancer.

January 28: Billy Powell ( (Age 56) : Keyboardist for Lynyrd Skynyrd. COD: Heart attack.

January 29: John Martyn ( (Age 60) : British guitarist who has worked with Phil Collins and Eric Clapton. COD: No official cause yet.

January 29: Hank Crawford ( (Age 74) : Sideman sax player for Eric Clapton and Ray Charles. COD: Complications from a 2001 stroke.


February 4: Tom Brumley ( (Age 73) : Steel guitarist of Buckaroos and Nelson’s Stone Canyon Band. COD: No official cause yet.

February 4: Erick Purkhiser a.k.a. Lux Interior ( (Age 62) : Lead singer and founding member of punk band The Cramps. COD: Heart condition.

February 6: James Whitmore ( (Age 87) : Actor who starred in Shawshank Redemption and The Relic. COD: Lung Cancer

February 10: Jeremy Lusk ( ( Age 24) : American motocross rider. COD: Head injuries due to a stunt.

February 14: Louie Bellson ( (Age 84) : Acclaimed jazz drummer. COD: Complications of Parkinson’s disease.

February 19: Kelly Groucutt ( (Age 63) : Former Bass player for Electric Light Orchestra, ELO. COD: Heart Attack.

February 19: Miike Tenkula ( (Age 34) : Lead guitarist and songwriter for metal band Sentenced. COD: No official cause of death.

February 20: Robert Quarry ( (Age 83) : Portrayed Count Yorga, the vampire, in notable Vincent Price films. COD: No official cause of death – apparent natural causes.

February 22: Howard Zieff ( (Age 81) : Director of My Girl, My Girl 2, and Private Benjamin. COD: Complications from Parkinson’s disease.

February 25: Randall Bewley ( (Age 54) : Guitarist for band Pylon. COD : Heart attack.

February 26: Clarence Swensen ( (Age 91) : A Wizard of Oz munchkin. COD: No official cause of death.


March 1: Robert Bruce ( (Age 65) : Professional wrestler and had a small role in A Clockwork Orange. COD: Died suddenly after short illness.

March 1: Marquis Cooper ( (Age 26) : Professional football player for Oakland Raiders. COD: Possible hypothermia and/or drowning.

March 1: Corey Smith ( (Age 29) : Professional football player for Detroit Lions. COD: Possible hypothermia and/or drowning.

March 3: Sydney Earle Chaplin ( (Age 80) : Son of Charlie Chaplin and actor of Satan’s Cheerleaders. COD: No cause yet determined.

March 4: Horton Foote ( (Age 92) : Novelist and screenwriter who wrote the screenplay for To Kill A Mocking Bird. COD: Apparent natural causes.

March 4: John Cephas ( (Age 78) : American blues guitarist. COD: Natural causes.

March 8: Willie King ( (Age 65) : American blues singer and guitarist. COD: Heart attack.

March 14: Altovise Davis ( (Age 65) : Widow of Sammy Davis Jr. with a short stint of acting. COD: Stroke.

March 14: Jeff Komlo ( (Age 52) : Former QB for Detriot Lions and Tampa Bay Buccs. COD: Car crash.

March 15: Ron Silver ( (Age 62) : Actor who was in Timecop and The Entity. COD: Esophageal Cancer.

March 18: Natasha Richardson ( (Age 45) : British actress married to Liam Neeson. COD: Traumatic brain injury.

March 18: Moultrie Patten ( (Age 89) : Actor in television series Northern Exposure. COD: Pneumonia.

March 24: Uriel Jones ( (Age 74) : Drummer for Funk Brothers. COD: Complications from a heart attack.

March 29: Maurice Jarre ( (Age 84) : Composer for the films Ghost, Dead Poets Society, Fatal Attraction, and Dreamscape. COD: Cancer.

March 29: Andy Hallett ( (Age 33) : Actor in Angel TV series. COD: Heart failure.


April 2: Lou Perryman ( (Age 67) : Actor who had roles in Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 and Poltergeist. COD: Murdered by stabbing.

April 5: Wouter Barendrecht ( (Age 43) : Producer who produced such films as Vampire Hunters and Shortbus. COD: Heart failure.

April 7: Jack Wrangler ( (Age 62) : Porn actor who, majorly preformed in gay adult films, was in Devil in Miss Jones 2 and Guess Who’s Coming? COD: Lung disease.

April 9: Nick Adenhart ( (Age 22) : Baseball pitcher for the Anaheim Angels. COD: Car crash.

April 9: Lee Madden ( (Age 82) : Director of Night Creature, The Night God Screamed, and the comedy horror film Ghost Fever. COD: Pneumonia.

April 12: Marilyn Chambers ( (Age 57) : Legendary porn actress who starred in Behind the Green Door. COD: Unknown cause of death.

April 19: J.G. Ballard ( (Age 78) : British Novelist of the celebrated novel Crash later turned film directed by David Cronenberg. COD: Prostate Cancer

April 22: Jack Cardiff ( (Age 94) : Cinematographer who’s work included Rambo: First Blood II, Conan The Destroyer, and Stephen King’s Cat’s Eye. He also directed The Freakmaker. COD: No Cause of death but apparent natural causes.

April 22: Ken Annakin ( (Age 94): Director of The Longest Day and The Hellions. COD: Complications from a heart attack and stroke in February.

April 25: Beatrice Arthur ( (Age 86): One of the Golden Girls. COD: Cancer.

April 28: Buddy Rose ( (Age 56): Professional wrestler nicknamed “Playboy.” COD: Unknown cause of death.


May 1: Danny Gans ( (Age 52): American entertainer who circuited on the Vegas strip and was also a pro baseball player as well as an extra in Bull Durham. COD: Fatal reaction to painkillers.

May 1: Marc Rocco ( (Age 46): Writer of The Jacket and Dream A Little Dream. COD: Unknown cause of death.

May 4: Dom Deluise ( (Age 75): American actor who played in numerous Mel Brooks movies such as Space Balls, Robin Hood: Men in Tights and History of the World Part I. COD: Kidney failure and respiratory problems.

May 5: BJ Flores ( (Age 30): Professional boxer who held the U.S. Amateur Heavyweight Belt 2001-2002. COD: Collapsed during fight and died 5 days later by possible body/head injuries.

May 6: Ean Evans ( (Age 48): Bassist for Lynyrd Skynyrd. COD: Cancer.

May 7: Micky Carroll ( (Age 89): One of the munchkins from The Wizard of Oz. COD: Natural causes.

May 7: Linda Dangcil ( (Age 67): Sister Ana on the Flying Nun TV show. COD: Throat Cancer

May 8: Dom DiMaggio ( (Age 92): Baseball player and brother of Joe DiMaggio. COD: pneumonia.

May 9: Stephen Bruton ( (Age 60): Guitarist who performed with Kris Kristofferson, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash and more. COD: Throat Cancer.

May 11: Mark Landon ( (Age 60): Small time actor and eldest son of Michael Landon. Unknown cause of death.

May 13: Frank Aletter ( (Age 83): Tv actor who became a regular in older shows such as Bring Up Buddy and It’s About Time. COD: Cancer.

May 15: Bud Tingwell ( (Age 86): Aussie actor who had roles in Dracula: Prince of Darkness and Murder She Said. COD: Prostate cancer.

May 15: Wayman Tisdale ( (Age 44): Former pro basketball player and jazz bass guitarist. COD: Cancer.

May 18: Robert Anthony Burton II ( (Age 21): Atlanta based rapper named Dolla. COD: Shot to death during fight in L.A.

May 18: Wayne Allwine ( (Age 62): The voice of Mickey Mouse since 1977. COD: Complications from diabetes.

May 20: Lucy Gordon ( (Age 28): Actress in Spider-Man 3 and The Four Feathers. COD: Suicide by hanging.

May 24: Jay Bennett ( (Age 45): Former guitarist for the band Wilco. COD: Unknown cause of death.

May 25: Matti Inkinen ( (Age 50): Lead singer of the Finnish electropop band SIG. COD: Apparent drowning.

May 26: Exodus Tyson (,2933,522065,00.html) (Age 4): Daughter of former heavy weight champion of boxing Mike Tyson. COD: Accidental strangulation with a treadmill cord.

May 26: Michael Ross ( (Age 89): Writer of some episodes of All in the Family, The Jeffersons and Threes Company. COD: Complication from a heart attack.

May 30: Don Edmonds ( (Age 72): Director of the notorious naziploitation film Ilsa, She Wolf of the S.S. COD: Unknown cause of death but most likely cancer.

May 31: Millvina Dean ( (Age 97): Last survivor of the Titanic that sank in 1912. COD: Pneumonia.


June 3: David Carradine ( (Age 72): Star of the widely popular Kung Fu TV series and co-starred in Tarantino’s Kill Bill movies. COD: Autoerotic asphyxiation.

June 4: Shih Kien ( (Age 96): Played major roles in various kung fu and Bruce Lee movies such as Enter the Dragon and Revenge of the Dragon. COD: Natural causes.

June 5: Del Monroe ( (Age 73): Actor in the TV series Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. COD: Leukemia.

June 8: Johnny Palermo ( (Age 27): TV Actor who played in Just For Kicks. COD: Car accident.

June 9: Michael Roof ( (Age 32): Actor in the xXx movies and Black Hawk Down. COD: Unknown cause of death.

June 13: Mitsuharu Misawa ( (Age 46): Professional Japanese wrestler. COD: Heart attack.

June 14: Bob Bogle ( (Age 75): Member and founder of the surf instrumental band The Ventures. COD: Non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

June 17: John Josep[h Houghtaling ( (Age 92): Inventor of the Magic Fingers Vibrating Bed. COD: Natural causes.

June 23: Ed McMahon ( (Age 86): Popular sidekick of Johnny Carson on The Tonight Show. COD: Various health irregularities.

June 25: Farrah Fawcett ( (Age 62): Actress in popular T.V. series Charlie’s Angels and former playboy model. COD: Anal Cancer.

June 25: Michael Jackson ( (Age 50): King of pop music. COD: Cardiac Arrest.

June 25: Sky Saxon ( (Age 72): Bass guitarists for band The Seeds. COD: Died after brief illness.

June 28: Billy Mays ( (Age 50): Infomercial seller and co-star of the Pitchman show. COD: Heart disease.

June 28: Fred Travelena ( (Age 66): American entertainer and comedian. COD: Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and prostate cancer.


July 1: Karl Malden ( (Age 97): American actor with horror credits in The Cat O’Nine Tails and Dead Ringer. COD: Natural causes.

July 1: Harve Presnell ( (Age 75): American movie and broadway actor who had memorable roles in Fargo and Saving Private Ryan. COD: Pancreatic cancer.

July 1: Mollie Sugden ( (Age 86): British actress who appeared in Are You Being Served? television sitcom series. COD: Natural causes.

July 4: Steve McNair ( (Age 36): Quarterback for the Tennessee Titans and Baltimore Ravens. COD: Murder-suicide.

July 6: Oscar Mayer Jr. (,_Jr.) (Age 95): Chairman of Oscar Mayer meat company. No COD: Natural causes.

July 8: Judi Ann Mason ( (Age 55): Writer of Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit. COD: Aortic dissection.

July 17: Walter Cronkite ( (Age 92): American broadcast journalist. COD: Cerebrovascular disease.

July 21: Les Lye ( (Age 84): Had numerous roles on the adult children program You Can Do That on Television? COD: Natural causes.

July 25: Clayton Hill ( (Age 78): Lead zombie in Dawn of the Dead and also played a priest in Hellraiser 3. COD: Complications from pneumonia

July 31: Baatin ( (Age 35): American rapper of the group Slum Village. COD: Unknown cause of death.

July 31: Harry Alan Towers ( (Age 88): British producer and screenwriter who wrote and was responsible for countless horror and exploitation classics such as Fu-Manchu, The Bloody Judge, Count Dracula (1970), 99 Women and Circus of Fear. COD: After short illness.


August 1: Naomi Sims ( (Age 61): First African American supermodel. COD: Breast cancer.

August 4: Blake Snyder ( (Age 51): Screenwriter who wrote Stop, Or My Mom Will Shoot! and also wrote the kids’ comedy Blank Check. COD: Cardiac arrest.

August 5: Budd Schulberg ( (Age 95): Screenwriter who wrote Little Orphan Annie and On the Water Front. COD: Natural causes.

August 6: Reiko Ôhara ( (Age 62): Japanese actress who appeared in Zatoichi: The Festival of Fire and The Shogun Samurai. COD: Unknown cause of death but body was discovered on this date and her death may have occured a week or two earlier.

August 6: John Hughes ( (Age 59): Director and writer who became famous for such films as The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, Weird Science and Ferris Beuller’s Day Off. COD: Cardiac arrest.

August 11: Eunice Kennedy Shriver ( (Age 88): One of the Kennedys. COD: Unknown cause of death.

August 12: Rashied Ali ( (Age 74): Jazz drummer who usually worked with John Coltrane. COD: Heart attack.

August 13: Les Paul ( (Age 94): Inventor of the solid-body electric guitar. COD: Complications from pneumonia.

August 13: Allen Schellenberger ( (Age 39): Drummer for the American alternative rock band Lit. COD: Brain cancer.

August 19: Don Hewitt ( (Age 86): Inventor of 60 Minutes television program. COD: Pancreatic cancer.

August 20: Larry Knechtel ( (Age 69): Keyboardist who performed with notable bands such as The Beach Boys, Neil Diamond and The Dixie Chicks. COD: Unknown cause of death.

August 21: Johnny Carter ( (Age 75): R&B singer with The Flamingos and The Dells and is also in the RocknRoll Hall of Fame. COD: Unknown cause of death.

August 25: Ted Kennedy ( (Age 77): Brother of John F. Kennedy and a memeber of the U.S. Senate. COD: Brain cancer.

August 27: Shing Fui-On ( (Age 54): Hong Kong actor who appeared in such films as The Ebola Syndrome, The Killer and The Untold Story. COD: Nasopharyngeal carcinoma.

August 28: Adam Goldstein ( (Age 36): A popular disc jockey who most notably survived a fatal leerjet accident with Blink-182’s Travis Barker. COD: Suspected drug overdose.


September 1: Jake Brockman ( (Age 53): Keyboards for the band Echo and the Bunnymen. COD: Motorcycle accident.

September 11: Larry Gelbart ( (Age 81): Main comedy writer behind the MASH TV series and also co-wrote Tootsie. COD: Cancer.

September 11: Jim Carroll ( (Age 59): Poet and music artist who formed the new wave/punk band The Jim Carroll Band. COD: Heart attack.

September 13: Paul Bruke ( (Age 83): American TV actor who also played the lead role in Psychic Killer. COD: Unknown cause of death.

September 14: Patrick Swayze ( (Age 57): Lead actor of Point Break, Ghost, Dirty Dancing and Road House. COD: Pancreatic cancer.

September 14: ( (Age 73): American actor who had parts in The ‘burbs, Gremlins 2, and appeared in the TV sitcom Boston Legal. COD: Cancer.

September 15: Troy Kennedy-Martin ( (Age 77): Screenwriter who wrote the original The Italian Job and also wrote Kelly’s Heros. COD: Liver cancer.

September 16: Mary Travers ( (Age 72): Part of the group Peter, Paul and Mary. COD: Leukemia.

September 17: Dick Durock ( (Age 72): American actor and stuntman who portrayed Swamp Thing in the films and in the T.V. series. COD: Unknown cause of death.

September 21: Robert Ginty ( (Age 60): Main actor in The Exterminator and The Exterminator 2. COD: Cancer.

September 22: Lucy Voddon ( (Age 46): Famous for being the subject of the popular Beatles track “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.” COD: Lupus.

September 24: Susan Atkins ( (Age 61): A member of the Mason Family and a convicted murderer. COD: Brain Cancer.

September 27: Beau Velasco ( (Age ??): One of the two members of the punk/electronica band The Death Set. COD: Unknown cause of death.

September 30: John Couey ( (Age 51): American convicted murderer of Jessica Lunsford in February of 2005. COD: Cancer.


October 6: Tony Fein ( (Age 27): Former Baltimore Ravens and Iraq veteran. COD: Heart attack.

October 9: Barry Letts ( (Age 84): Director and producer of the original Doctor Who television show. COD: Unknown cause of death.

October 10: Stephen Gately ( (Age 33): Irish pop singer of the boy band Boyzone. COD: Pulmonary oedema.

October 10: Veronika Neugebauer ( (Age 39): German voice actress and dubber who voiced some of the anime Sailor Moon and dubbed voices in the Scream trilogy, The Blair Witch Project and Wild Things. COD: Unknown cause of death.

October 12: Dickie Peterson ( (Age 61): Bassist and lead singer for band Blue Cheer. COD: Liver cancer.

October 13: Al Martino ( (Age 82): An American-Italian singer and actor who appeared in all three Godfather films as Johnny Fontane. COD: Unknown cause of death.

October 14: Lou Albano ( (Age 76): A professional wrestler known as Captain Lou also appeared on the kids television show The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! as the legendary Nintendo Mario character. COD: Natural causes.

October 17: Victor Mizzy ( (Age 93): A composer who did scores for Addams Family, Green Acres and delved a little into Sam Raimi’s Spiderman 2 and 3. COD: Unknown cause of death.

October 19: Joseph Wiseman ( (Age 91): Canadian actor who portrayed the first James Bond villain Dr. No. COD: Unknown cause of death.


November 7: Joe Maross ( (Age 86): American television star who appeared in various TV shows such as Hawaii 5-0, Mission Impossible and The Twilight Zone to name a few. COD: Unknown cause of death.

November 8: Jerry Fuchs ( (Age 34): Former drummer for the indie electronic rock band !!!. COD: Fell down elevator shaft.

November 10: John Allen Muhammad ( (Age 48): Beltway/D.C. Sniper who gunned down 10 people during the late half of the summer of 2002. COD: Lethal injection.

November 12: Paul Wendkos ( (Age 87): Director of The Bad Seed, The Mephisto Waltz and Gidget. COD: Stroke complications.

November 15: Ken Ober ( (Age 52): Host of the MTV game show Remote Control. COD: Unknown cause of death.

November 15: Jocelyn Quivrin ( (Age 30): French actor who appeared in movies such as Syriana and Empire of the Wolves. COD: Car crash fire.

November 15: Dennis Cole ( (Age 69): Actor who appeared in Zombie Death House. COD: Unknown cause of death.

November 16: Edward Woodward ( (Age 79): British actor who starred in the original The Wicker Man and in Hot Fuzz. COD: Pneumonia


December 9: Gene Barry (Age 90) was an American stage, screen, and television actor. COD: unknown

December 15: Val Avery (Age 85) was an American character actor who appeared in hundreds of movies and television shows since the 1950s. In a career that spanned 50 years, Avery appeared in over 100 films and had appearances in over 300 television series. COD: unknown

December 17: Jennifer Jones (Age 90) was an American actress. A five-time Academy Award nominee, Jones won the Academy Award for Best Actress for her performance in The Song of Bernadette. COD: Natural causes

December 17: Chris Henry (Age 26) was an American football wide receiver who played five years in the National Football League for the Cincinnati Bengals. COD: fall from pickup truck, car accident

December 20: Brittany Murphy (Age 32) COD: Cardiac arrest


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