photo by Burstein!
Around thirty mischievous merry makers sneaked out in the dead of night on Friday, December 18th, to not-so-covertly install bundles of mistletoe over public spaces where people congregate in San Francisco. In a brief discussion with the mastermind behind this devious plan, he explained his motivations:

The theory is that by installing mistletoe over places like crosswalks, bus stops, the instersection in front of the ferry building, etc., we can cause a few moments where random folks will see the mistletoe, make eye contact, and then be faced with the choice of social norms: ignore the stranger and be a callous soulless creature, or smile and kiss a total stranger. I think this is interesting because most everyone wants to do the later, but not many people will take the risk of trying to kiss a stranger – unless there is encouragement.