The Fey by Claudia Hall Christian

In the midst of all the hustle and bustle of the 2009 holiday season I began reading Claudia Hall Christian’s novel The Fey. It immediately pulled me in and so I found myself having to “go to the bathroom” more frequently, because when you have a 6 year old and 7 month old baby it’s not easy to find peace and quiet to read. So I brought the book with me wherever I could and even read it under my desk at work sometimes (during lunch hour of course).

“Champagne or whiskey?”
“Whiskey,” Alex replied as if it was obvious.

From beginning to end I could hear the characters while reading their dialogue. It was as if I was watching a movie, I felt connected with Sergeant Alexandra Hargreaves (Alex The Fey) right off the bat and enjoyed finding out how she would develop and what would happen next. In many ways, yes, this was a thrilling suspense, but it was also so much more. It was a story of growing, evolving, adapting, loving, persevering and letting go.

My favorite relationship in the story is between Alex and Max, they are twins (not adopted or’ll understand after you read the book). Their relationship as brother and sister is just incredible. They have an unbreakable bond, probably because they are twins. And they would each die for each other in a heart beat.

Admittedly, I found myself wanting to read more and more about Alex “The Fey’s” relationship with John. I mean, how can you not blush when you read a line like ““And a very good morning to you,” he replied in his wonderful London accent.” Knowing the aroused wake up call they were taking part in…

But more than the romance, I have always absolutely loved any story about Central Intelligence, spies, madness and mayhem. The Fey, centers around Middle Eastern countries with Alex working situations in Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq. The main man they were hunting down was Eleazar and he hated The Fey as much as she hated him. In addition to the main bad guy, there is talk about Homeland Security, servers crashing, military police shootings, espionage and antics, it’s just great!

You think you have been through a lot and then you read a book like this and realize your life is pretty damn easy-bake-oven-cake-easy. Don’t get me wrong, I know it’s fiction, but it’s well written fiction.

“That hot chick is the Fey?”

When I read that after the soldiers were rescued I just laughed. And I literally said aloud “Damn straight she is.” Haha, as if I knew her and we were friends or something. So eat those flowers Eleazar!

I don’t want to share all the other tempting secrets with you, but trust me there are a lot of twists and turns. By chapter 12 you will feel topsy turvey and even then you’ll only be half way there. In spite of the whirl wind and fast pace, I can assure you that if you stick through it you will be so sad when you are done reading. It’s a quick, fabulously entertaining, nail biting amazing story. I cannot wait until February 1, 2010 when the next in the series comes out!

Learning to Stand will be released on February 1, 2010.


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  1. I was updating my links at On a limb and saw this.

    OMG, thank you Christy. I’m so glad you enjoyed it – and I hope you enjoy the rest of the series. My goal for the series was for people to read them, enjoy them, and share them.

    You’ve done all three. Thank you!

  2. Speaking of champagne, has anybody else noticed what a bargain some of the Spanish Cavas are in comparison to Champagnes and Sparkling Wines?

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