Not your average (Lloyd’s) garage band

Having formed literally in Lloyd’s garage, as a way to shake off the suburban sedateness of the Napa Valley, this hard-rocking duo has quickly established themselves as a “can’t miss act” in the San Francisco Bay Area. Frontman Seth Heitzmann’s sensual growls and inspired guitar riffs combine with Lloyd Llewelyn’s tightly wound, precise, yet explosive, head-bouncing rhythms to bring about a kind of compositional conquest of that place in your brain where songs just stick.

Lloyd’s Garage is near-pure homage to the uncomplicated rock of the late 60’s and early 70’s, kept real with the influence of soulful hill-country blues, some southern rock for good measure, and offers something that reels in all discerning listeners.

They have a lo-fi approach to what they do and that is what makes it different while also making it work. This group is good, old-fashioned rock and roll, heavy on the layered, fuzz-box/acoustic sound of the sixties but still able to put a modern, alternative spin on the old-school rock.

In this first full-length CD, LG dishes up their own distinct brand of down and dirty musical grit that keeps every track fresh.

LG will be touring in support of From the Comfort of Your Home in late spring/early summer 2010.


Lloyd’s Garage – “Return to Sender” (mp3)